That Kind Of Love



Lee Jung is an Art student. She was raised by two best friends. They have another daughter which is biologically theirs, Kay Day. They took Lee Jung in when the girl was only 2 years old.  Monika is a professor while Hyowon is a dance instructor. She’s also known as Lip J.

Lee Jung and Wheein are best friends. Wheein’s parents are one of the richest couples in Seoul. Her biological mother is a businesswoman and has her own brand – Jessica Jung while her wife is a renowned singer, Kim Taeyeon. Wheein is also an Art student. She loves to draw and paint just like Taeyeon. She follows Taeyeon’s traits more than Jessica, her biological mother.

Kim Yongsun’s parents have passed away, leaving their whole fortune on their only child. Kim Yongsun was brought up by her grandparents.  She has two best friends – Moon Byulyi and Irene Bae.  Irene used to date Yongsun as well, but both ended amicably. They become best friends instead.

Jung Wheein is an Art student at the university.  She hangs out with her best buddies mainly, Anh Hyejin and Lee Jung. There are others but she shares the same dormitory with the two girls.

Lee Jung has a dance team, YGX. In her team, Lee Jung is extremely close with Yeojin, the oldest member of the dance team. She often shares her worries and concerns with Yeojin.

Noh Jihye also known as Noze is a quiet child. She has two Mommies – Ha Nee and Rihye. The two women are close friends but also dating each other secretly. They have been living together for so many years, thus they decided to “adopt”.  Jihye is the 3rd child to join the family. They already have two other girls – Hyojin and Gabee. They just took the girls in and raised them as their own. They did not adopt legally since the girls were already quite old when they took them in.

But Jihye is the quietest among the three girls. They do not have any problems with the other two elder girls as they can be left alone. The two older ones are more confident than the youngest. So, Rihye took special attention on Jihye. Hyojin and Gabee were orphans.  Once they reached 17 years old, they had to fend on their own and could no longer stay at the orphanage. So, Hanee took them in. As for Jihye, she was separated from her birth mother because she could not take care of the young Jihye anymore. Rihye was teaching at her elementary school and felt sorry for Jihye. She took Jihye home and raised her together with the two older girls.

Years went by, the three girls grew up together. But Jihye is still the quiet one. She is cautious and often being in her room; in her own world. That’s why Rihye took special care for Jihye.  Jihye is her special child.

But Jihye’s sweet character captures her sisters’ attention as well. They protect their little sister especially Gabee. She will not hesitate to fight with anyone who bullies Jihye in school.  So, when Jihye enters university, she gets into the same school as her high school senior, Yeojin. Rozalin is also another one of Jihye’s best friends. But the two used to date each other until Rozalin decided to call it quits while they were in high school. However, they remain best friends much to Rozalin’s relief.


Couple 1

Lee Jung

Noze (Jihye)

Couple 2

Jung Wheein

Kim Yongsun

  • Supporting Characters
  • Honey J (Hanee)
  • Rihey (Hyein)
  • Jessica Jung
  • Kim Taeyeon
  • Monika
  • Lip J (Hyowon)
  • Gabee as Noze’s elder sister
  • Hyojin as Noze’s oldest sister
  • Kay Day as Lee Jung’s youngest sister
  • Aiki as Lee Jung’s ex-girlfriend
  • Byulyi as Yongsun’s best friend
  • Hyejin as Wheein’s best friend
  • Irene Bae as Yongsun’s colleague/ex-girlfriend
  • Rozalin as Noze’s best friend/ex-girlfriend
  • Yeojin as Noze’s best friend/Lee Jung’s dance club member
  • And many more


Im going slow with this story. 

It may take years to finish.

I just wanted to improve my writing and continue with my thoughts.

I'm attempting a very wide range of characters.

1. Members from SNSD

2. Members from Mamamoo

3. Members from SWF


That's why I'm taking my time. 

Will try to finish before the end of 2022. (haha, hopefully!)



Enjoy reading.

I'm back.

Well, work is crazy.

So when that happens, ideas came flowing into my mind.



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