Season's of Love


Season's of love; by the summer, on a cold winter.

This is a one shot story based on Yuju's debut album third track: Cold Winter. In which she finished with Sinb in her mind after having a walk together on a cold winter 3 years ago.

[Edit: I'm making it into more chapters/parts instead of one shot cause there's a lot to tell hihi]


One summer night, tequilla brings out their BAD BLOOD together.

PLAY the strings of their heart under the blue skies of November

Walking hand in hand on a COLD WINTER.

It was spring when it's gone they remember

The Killa of the only joy that matter

BLUE NOSTALGIA of the first and lasting encounter.


Hi readers, I'll have some schedules to attend this coming weekend so my next update will be on October 24 (Monday night).
Happy weekends everyone!
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