Wicked game

I'm the Devil and this is my hell, so I make the rules


The one thing Jongin wanted to avoid the most was Thursday’s meeting. He was never the type to avoid business, however, this one time he wishes he could stay home. He knows he must show up. Their business is at risk and that’s something he could not let easily slide by. Measures had to be taken or else it would affect them in the long run.

But having to see Do Kyungsoo.

That’s the part he isn’t looking forward to.

When he walks into the office, he sees his brother and Kyungsoo sitting on the large couch. They’re going over some papers. Luckily, they didn’t wait for him to start.

Kai’s eyes shoot up when he comes in, smiling at his brother. “Oh, look who showed up.”

“I was stuck at a job,” Jongin immediately goes to the coffee machine. He hasn’t been sleeping well due to stress and all the work they had. He pours himself some coffee and takes a glorious sip, holding on to the counter to avoid falling over. His brain was all over the place and fuzzy. He really needed some rest.

Kai frowns. “Were you out all night?”

Jongin nods.

“Out all night doing what?” Kyungsoo asks, putting his papers down.

“None of your business,” Jongin avoids his eyes with a sigh. He downs the rest of his coffee, putting the mug down, and leaving the office.

“Someone’s extra cranky today.” Kyungsoo chuckles. He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he watches the other leave.

“He’s been out all week monitoring the clubs himself. I told him he didn’t have to, but he’s stubborn.” Kai sighs. “I’m guessing he’s not getting much sleep.”

“I see… you should force him to rest, then. If he’s not doing it himself.” Kyungsoo frowns, staring at the door.

“I wish it was that simple.” Kai shakes his head. Whenever his brother was up to something, there was no stopping him. They had that in common. “Do you have the contracts for that overseas company?”

Kyungsoo nods and they go back to a steady workflow. Deciding what deals they were going to keep in the meantime, which ones they would have to stop until further notice. They keep working for a few hours, even when Jongin comes back into the office to answer some phone calls. A while later, Kyungsoo stands up, stretching.

“I should go. We have a delivery in less than an hour. Our last one.” Kyungsoo pulls out his phone to answer some messages. “We’re going earlier in case they try to steal again.”

Kai hums. “A delivery… Jongin should go with you.”

Both Jongin and Kyungsoo look at him as if he has lost his mind.

“Why should I?” Jongin protests. He doesn’t look in Kyungsoo’s direction.

“Because if they show up again, you’ll be able to get information that might be useful for us too,” Kai smiles at them. “Besides, I can’t let our business partner unprotected.”

Kyungsoo frowns. “I won’t be unprotected.”

Kai winks at him.

“Why don’t you go?” Jongin groans. He knows he doesn’t look like a responsible adult, but he honestly couldn’t care less.

“I have some other things to take care of, a few meetings, and Junmyeon is bringing over some documents.” Kai shrugs. “And you seem kind of free.”

Jongin can only let out a sigh as he looks at the last person he wants to be with. Even if his brother was right, Jongin didn’t think he was the right person for this. He was never the right person to be left alone with Kyungsoo. He glances at his brother, who just shrugs. Regardless of his irritation, he knows business is business, and he has to it up. The situation at hand is a more pressing matter than his feelings.

“I’ll be waiting downstairs.” A dark aura seems to engulf Jongin’s figure as he walks out the door. Kai chuckles at his brother’s dramatic ways.

“Take Minseok and Chanyeol with you!” Kai smiles at Kyungsoo, who shakes his head. “Good luck.”

“I’ll probably need it.”

They take two vehicles so the ride there isn’t awkward. They try to not be noticed as they make their way in. They didn’t want to alert any enemies on the lookout. They greet Kyungsoo’s men in charge of receiving the merchandise and find a spot towards the back of the warehouse where they can still see what’s going on.

Chanyeol and Minseok stand next to Jongin, while Baekhyun, Sehun and Jongdae do the same with Kyungsoo. They stand in silence for a while. Kyungsoo doesn’t know what to say, however he has the feeling that anything he says would upset Jongin regardless.

Eventually, Chanyeol notices one of the three men staring at him constantly. He raises an eyebrow, which makes the other man smile.

“Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo warns. “Focus.”

“Oh, I’m focused.” Baekhyun smirks, still not taking his eyes off of the tall, handsome, and very dangerous looking man.

Exactly his type.

Jongin glances back and forth between the two and shakes his head, scoffing. “You’ll be lucky if you get a single word out of him”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Baekhyun!” Kyungsoo glares at him and the other simply nods, still smiling.

“Sorry, boss.”

“Just let it be. I-”

Whatever Kyungsoo is about to say next drowns under the sudden warning they hear from one man outside, followed by more screaming and finally the sharp sound of gunshots. Jongdae and Baekhyun immediately push their boss to the back. Minseok looks over at the scene.

“I see at least ten unknown men,” he informs.

“.” Kyungsoo pulls out his gun.

“Stay here.” Baekhyun does the same and carefully approaches the delivery area, with Sehun on his heels.

Jongin looks at his team and they both nod without a single word as they hasten to the exit. Jongin pulls Kyungsoo deeper into their hiding spot and pulls out his own gun. His senses are fully alert, hearing the gunshots and the voices outside. He peeks outside and is immediately bombarded with bullets. He quickly takes cover again.

“Dammit.” He groans. “I don’t have nearly enough caffeine for this.”

“I’ll go.” Kyungsoo states, but all he receives is a glare from Jongin.

Jongdae is about to speak, but Jongin cuts him short.

“Stay back, if you get shot, I’ll never hear the end of it,” Jongin shoots twice. Nailing two people. They hear a few gunshots directed at them and wait for the right opportunity. He’s distracted defending the front, so he doesn’t see the few men that sneak over the back.

Kyungsoo hears them before they get closer. He aims and shoots one, two, three times, and then all they hear is a loud thud as the bodies fall to the ground. He nailed each of them before Jongdae or Jongin noticed. Jongin’s eyes widen, and he glances back at him.

“If you get shot, I’ll never hear the end of it,” Kyungsoo shoots back and he moves, gaining ground. Jongin groans, but he follows. They inevitably end up covering each other’s backs as they shoot down more people and reload their guns. They finally see their teams as they clear out the area. “We actually make a good team.”

“Whatever,” Jongin shakes his head.

Once the place is cleared, they regroup with the others. Minseok brings one intruder, who they left alive, shoving him in front of his boss. Jongin takes a deep breath, crouching in front of him.

“Let’s do this the easy way, shall we?” He gives Minseok his gun. “Give us names and we’ll reconsider ending you here.”

Jongin waits, however, the man stays silent for a solid minute. He looks at Minseok, who immediately puts a gun to the man’s head. The man refuses to say a word even when he’s visibly shaking. Jongin can almost smell his fear.

In any other circumstances, he would admire his loyalty.

“You know who I am, right?” Jongin is honestly tired. He wants to get this over with. His icy stare does not match the eerie smile that curves his lips. 

He sees the exact moment the man’s heart jumps inside his chest, his eyes widening, filled with fear. He knows, of course he knows. There isn’t a single man in the underworld who doesn’t know him. The man gulps, his eyes scanning the other’s faces, and he finally opens his mouth.

“I don’t know any names… we were hired for this job,” he shifts slightly, eyes dropping to the ground. “We only received information over the phone from someone and we were paid in cash.”

Jongin frowns. “So, they hired men and sent them to die.”

“Wouldn’t be odd,” Kyungsoo sighs. “Probably did not want to send their own men to do the dirty job.”

“And avoid getting caught, too.” Baekhyun nods.

“We should check their bodies for any clues,” Jongin says. Just as he was about to stand up and without him seeing it coming, the other man moved, swinging at him with what seemed to be a knife. Jongin notices in time and blocks the swing with his arm, wincing in pain when the blade cuts through the skin.


Nobody else had time to blink before Minseok shot the man several times until he wasn’t moving. Baekhyun takes a step back, eyes going from Minseok to the body on the floor.

“What the ?” Jongdae rushes to the body, although he knows there’s nothing to do there.

“Crossed the line.” Minseok says. He turns to Jongin. “Boss?”

“I’m fine,” Jongin stands up, checking his arm.

Kyungsoo approaches him, grabbing his arm to check. “You don’t need stitches, but we need to clean it up.”

Jongin rolls his eyes. “Like I said, I’m fine. This is nothing.” He snatches his arm back with a sigh.

Kyungsoo ignores him as he gives Baekhyun and the others instructions to clean up the scene. “I’ll take Jongin back to check his wound.”

“That’s not happening,” Jongin scoffs.

“Minseok, can you please inform Kai of what happened. Whatever clues you find, let me know as well.” Kyungsoo continues as if Jongin had not said a word.

“Yes, sir.” Minseok bows politely as he moves with Chanyeol to clear the place.

“Minseok!” Jongin yells after him, unable to believe he was really leaving him behind. Taking orders from Kyungsoo and ignoring him.

“You’re stuck with me, Mr. Kim. Now let’s do this the easy way… shall we?”

Baekhyun bursts out laughing at this, and Jongin glares at both of them. They quickly wrap Jongin’s arm before they head down to Kyungsoo’s car. Sehun gets in the driver’s seat while Kyungsoo gives Baekhyun more instructions and tells him to stay in contact. When he finally gets in the car, he feels like the dark aura has now taken over the entire vehicle. It was suffocating in a way.

They navigate the streets in silence. Kyungsoo keeps going through his phone and answering messages. Jongin didn’t know what they would find from the bodies, however considering that Kyungsoo was right, and they tried to steal from him again, could only mean that the attacks on the clubs would not stop either.

It would force them to close if things continued this way, and maybe that’s what they were after. However, somehow Jongin felt like it could be more than that. Whatever it was, they had to figure it out soon or else their businesses would be affected.

Not that he cares about what happens to Kyungsoo’s organization.

They reach Kyungsoo’s house, and the place looks just like Jongin remembers. He hated every single second there the last time and he’s sure this time would not be any different. Sehun drops them off by the front door and Kyungsoo leads the way into the house. He makes Jongin sit down on a stool while he gets a first aid kit.

He goes through it in silence, pulling out everything he needs. “Luckily, we won’t have to call Yixing. We just need to get it cleaned up and bandaged.”

Jongin sighs. He unwraps his arm when Kyungsoo looks up at him. He feels like a kid, going to his parents for help when injured and he doesn’t like it. He can take care of himself perfectly fine.

Kyungsoo cleans up the wound, completely focused on the task at hand. Jongin monitors him closely, barely wincing when Kyungsoo touches the large cut. After it’s clean, he wraps it up. He’s no longer bleeding, so it makes the process easier.

Jongin gazes at him. He has a slight frown as he finishes up, lips pressed in a fine line. He leans back to stare at his work and nods, satisfied when he’s done. Kyungsoo glances at the other man, who quickly looks down, clearing his throat and inspecting his arm.

“Well… not too bad.” Jongin says, avoiding the other’s stare.

“I’ve done this once or twice before,” Kyungsoo chuckles. “Baekhyun can sometimes be impulsive.”

“I see.”

Silence grows between them.

“How about some tea?” Kyungsoo smiles.

Jongin did not accept his offer, but that didn’t stop Kyungsoo from making tea for both and handing him a cup as they sat on the couch. Jongin frowns at the liquid but he does end up taking a sip. It’s sweet. He likes it, so he sips on it again.

Kyungsoo hides a smile behind his own cup. “So, I hear from your brother that you’ve been taking care of the clubs lately.”

“Someone has to do it.” Jongin shrugs.

“He mentioned he had some suspicions, but he didn’t tell me what they were,” Kyungsoo lets his body rest against the couch. Sometimes, working with Kim Kai can be chaotic or genius. No, in between.

“Who knows what’s going on in his head,” Jongin sighs. “Sometimes I feel like there’s a whole civilization in there.”

Kyungsoo laughs. “Could be.”

“Whatever it is, I’m sure he has plans A, B, and C ready,” Jongin relaxes against the couch as well. Before he knows it, he’s halfway through his tea.

“Maybe…” Kyungsoo nods. “You should get more rest, though; you look like a zombie.”

“They won’t stop just because I need rest.”

“You won’t be able to catch them like this either,” Kyungsoo gestures at him as if it was obvious.

“None of your business.”

“Is that all you can say?” Kyungsoo chuckles, not bothered by Jongin’s attitude. He has been dealing with it for so long now that he’s used to it. He looks right into the other man’s eyes without hesitation. In return, Jongin looks away. “I’ve always wondered, why do you hate me so much? Even after we started working together, you seem to reject anything that has to do with me.”

“I don’t owe you any explanations.” Jongin sometimes felt like he was just a pawn in their game. A game Kai and Kyungsoo knew how to play. He was going along even when he didn’t like the moves that were made. To Kai, everything was a game, and even when he shows interest in Kyungsoo, that doesn’t mean he was the exception.

However, he was the most important game of all.

“Is there even a reason?” Kyungsoo looks into his eyes. He’s too calm while discussing this with him.

“There is, and in the case there wasn’t, I wouldn’t need one to dislike you.” Jongin responds. He doesn’t need any justification for his feelings. For whatever he was feeling.

Kyungsoo watches him for a while, crossing a leg over the other and resting his head on his hand. He never stops smiling as his eyes watch him, seeing through him. “Is it that you like me so much that you have to pretend you hate me to make it better for yourself?”

Jongin frowns, glaring at the other man when their eyes meet. “You think too highly of yourself.” He blames the sudden heat he feels on his anger.

“Ah, so I got it right?” Kyungsoo’s lips twist into a knowing grin. Teasing him.

“I’m really going to end you one of these days,” Jongin looks away, letting out an exasperated sigh.

“Well, that’s not nice,” Kyungsoo chuckles. Jongin knows he’s just pushing his buttons on purpose; he’s trying to get a reaction, and he’s giving it to him. That doesn’t make him any less upset.

Kyungsoo stands up, walking towards Jongin, leaning over his figure. He says nothing as he stands there, probably trying to see the reaction he gets.

“Leave it,” Jongin says.

The other smiles. “Perhaps you’ll see one day.” Kyungsoo pulls back, stretching. “I’m going to make a few phone calls. Will you be okay on your own for a few minutes?”

“Am I a child?”

“I don’t know, are you?” Kyungsoo giggles, taking a few steps back just out of precaution. He then turns around and leaves him in the living room.

Jongin doesn’t know why he feels like he lost an encounter.

He yawns, finishing his tea before it gets cold. He should probably start finding a way back home, as he still has a lot of work to do. He wonders if the others got anything at the scene as another yawn escapes his lips. Eventually, his body feels heavy, the weight of several sleepless nights falling on him.

Maybe he can close his eyes for a moment.

Just for a bit.

When Jongin opens his eyes again, it’s almost dark outside. He can see the last few strands of sunlight peeking through the window curtains. The light orange tones paint the living room as the sun sets. The next thing he notices is the smell. It finishes waking him up as he realizes where he is and what just happened.

He fell asleep.

And not only did he fall asleep in a random place, but he fell asleep in Do Kyungsoo’s living room. He’s lying down on the couch and there’s a gray blanket over him. Looking around, he doesn’t see anybody until his senses catch the smell again. Food. Something that, in all honesty, smells like heaven, is being made. His feet move on their own and soon he finds himself inside the kitchen.

A Kyungsoo that he has only seen once, appears before his eyes. Hair down, halfway drying itself. Apron tightly wrapped around his body, and he’s wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans. It makes him look younger.

It makes him look human.

Jongin stands there for a good minute. He rubs his eyes to send away the last few bits of sleep he may feel. His brain is trying to grasp the situation, but it becomes harder the longer he stands there.

“What are you doing?” He finally asks, eyebrows furrowing at the top of his forehead. It catches Kyungsoo off guard and he turns around with widened eyes, which quickly turns into a smile when he sees him.

“Hey. I’m making dinner.” He turns his focus back to the frying pan in front of him. “Did you sleep well?”

Jongin doesn’t like that question.

It feels personal.

He replies, nevertheless. “Uh… yeah.”

“Good. When I came back you were down for the count, so I figured I would let you sleep.” Kyungsoo glances at him over his shoulder. “Sit down. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Jongin doesn’t sit down. He doesn’t like this. “I should get back.”

Kyungsoo stops what he’s doing. He turns off the heat and turns to look at the other, a tired stare this time. “A meal is not going to kill you.” He walks over and pushes him towards the stools, forcing him to sit down. “Kai said he will pick you up, so relax.”


“Yeah, oh .” Kyungsoo heads back to finish dinner. Neither of them speak again while he does the finishing touches and serves the food on two plates. Jongin watches diligently. He follows Kyungsoo’s shape around the kitchen until there’s a plate in front of him.

He looks at it, then at Kyungsoo’s plate, then at Kyungsoo, who’s waiting patiently for him to eat. He’s smiling. 

Jongin doesn’t like it.

He takes the first bite and it’s as delicious as it smells. He thinks it’s noticeable in his face because Kyungsoo’s smile grows wider.

“How is it?” He asks and Jongin simply nods. “Good. How’s your arm?”

Jongin looks down at it and shrugs. “Doesn’t hurt.”

“Good.” Kyungsoo looks satisfied with this answer.

They eat in silence after this. It’s somewhat peaceful and familiar in an unfamiliar way. Jongin doesn’t like it.

He doesn’t want to feel relaxed. He doesn’t want to feel at ease.

However, he can’t help himself. It’s almost like the circumstance is forcing him to relax.

Kyungsoo is forcing him to lower his walls.

He’s relieved when Kai arrives finally. He greets them with a smile as he approaches them. Kai rarely lets his feelings show, but there’s a hint of guilt in his eyes when he sees Jongin’s arm. It’s not like he could’ve prevented it, and partly it was Jongin’s fault for being too confident. Jongin can tell, so just shakes his head and Kai sighs, giving him a smile.

A genuine smile.

“How was he? Did he behave?” Kai asks Kyungsoo, his usual self, coming back to play.

“Am I a child?” Jongin glares at his brother, but it doesn’t last long.

Kyungsoo bites his bottom lip to avoid smiling. “He behaved. He even slept for a few hours on my couch.”

Kai fails at concealing his shock. “He fell asleep here?”

Kyungsoo nods. “He was tired, apparently.”

“I was bored.” Jongin rolls his eyes. “I’ll wait in the car.” He leaves, opening the door himself and getting inside.

Kai chuckles. “He’s in a good mood.”

“He’ll survive.” Kyungsoo shrugs. “Did you find anything?”

Kai’s face falls. They would need more time to discuss this. “We did… your team will give you a more detailed report. However, looks like a few of the intruders had one of my companies’ contact information and were using some of our equipment. Which leads me to believe…”

“They’re trying to frame you?” Kyungsoo crosses his arms over his chest.

“They’re trying to put us against each other. They won’t win trying to take us down separately.”

“But if they turn us against each other…” Kyungsoo sighs when he realizes.

“They might have a chance… divide and you shall conquer.” Kai nods. “However, what they don’t know is that we’re good at these games, so I came up with a plan that will help us… and also will be fun.”

“Whenever you say something is going to be fun, you make my skin crawl.” Kyungsoo says, making Kai laugh.

“That’s cute. It means you know me well.” He takes a step back. “We’ll be in touch, and I’ll send you more details later.” He then pulls out a paper rose out of his pocket and gives it to him.

Kyungsoo chuckles. “I’ll be waiting then.” He leans to the side and waves at Jongin, who’s still waiting in the car. The other scoffs and looks away.

“You look cute today,” Kai says before heading back to the car. He takes another appreciative look at the other man before he closes the door. The car soon disappears down the street.

Kyungsoo looks down at his paper rose, smiling at it. “Fun, huh?” he says as he goes back inside the house.

If Kai says so, then he’ll have to trust him.

At least this one time.




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