I do... Do I?


When rumors get out that Jongin, the Crown Prince of West Korea, slept with the youngest Prince of East Korea, their parents claim that the two get married. However, as time goes by and Jongin gets to know the other Prince, two things happen:

1. He starts to like Kyungsoo.
2. He knows he shouldn't marry someone who's already in love with someone else.



Hello everyone!

This was kinda hard but here it is. Please know it's not beta'd so read at your own risk. It was supposed to be longer than this but time wasn't on my side, if you guys like it I might write the rest.

To the prompter: Sorry in advance if this wasn't what you expected
To the mods: Thanks for this fest and the hard work.

Written for EXO Ring the Bell, Prompt number: RTB1247

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