Three | The Journey

Void: Our Love Journey

 After a few days of befriending with Seungcheol and others, Jihoon finds himself more attached to the eldest.

Lunch break comes with Jihoon quickly looking for Seungcheol. Although it was Soonyoung who brings him to the canteen, Jihoon didn't know why but his eyes are looking for the camel-like Hyung.
Jihoon's eyes brightened when he saw Seungcheol.

"Hey, cutie." It's been a couple of days since Seungcheol called him that and he still fluttered.
"What do you want to eat today? My treat." It surprises Jihoon because Seungcheol suddenly offers the money.

"I want rice." He says cutely. Well, according to Seungcheol, whatever Jihoon does, it's always cute.
"Rice for the little one." The elder chuckles and right away get the rice.

Before Seungcheol could sit next to Jihoon, Jeonghan quickly sit beside Jihoon. "Do I have to sit over there?" Jeonghan nods, making Seungcheol move to another side.

Jihoon thanks the elder for treating him lunch and gives a curt nod.
He honestly wished Jeonghan didn't do that because he's still uncomfortable with the taller.

To him, Jeonghan is the definition of ulzzang of the school. He looks ethereal that Jihoon doesn't want to stand beside him.
"Little Lee. Don't let Seungcheol get near you." Honestly, Jihoon feels the awkwardness but maybe it's just him.

Jeonghan is pretending to be possessive over the smaller because that's how he tries to get closer to new people. "You shouldn't get too close with him, Jeonghan. For all I know, he's under my care, not yours."
There we go, the normal daily argument in the group.

There must be at least one argument in a day because it's them we're talking about.

Once the break is over, Jihoon approaches the eldest quietly. He loves being close with Seungcheol.

But, the sight of Jeonghan's arms wrapping around Seungcheol's waist is not helping.
Jihoon feels something pain and halts. He watched the two eldest walk away and that's when he knew.

'I like Seungcheol Hyung.'

  I know it's a little rush but I'm trying to overcome my writer's block or else this story won't have any end.


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