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Void: Our Love Journey

After touring half of the school, Seungcheol brings Jihoon to his class. "This will be your class. I'll see you later." 


Jihoon waves tinily at the elder and sighs before entering the class. He's quite nervous because he's not good at socializing.

"Uhm... hi?" The teacher halts the lesson when he saw Jihoon standing at the corner. 


"Come in. You must be the new kid." The teacher greets him warmly and is very welcoming. 

"How about you introduce me to the class." 


Jihoon grips on the strap tightened. He rarely speaks in front of the class, even back in his old school.

"My name is Lee Jihoon. Nice to meet you." He bows quickly and he heard the teacher chuckles.

"Adorable. You may sit next to Soonyoung." 


There he saw a man with very tiny eyes, raised his hand. He smiles brightly at Jihoon. 


"I'm Kwon Soonyoung and you're so cute." Jihoon redden. This guy seems to have a very bright personality. "Uh... hi."





Jihoon has been dragged, no. He's walking to the canteen like a boss with Soonyoung and Wonwoo guarding him on both sides. While Junhui walks behind them.

The fact that they're taller than him, made him feel like a celebrity. 


Surprisingly, he is greeted by a big group. And there is Seungcheol, the senior that helped him earlier. 


"Guys, this is Jihoon. Our new classmates." The smaller shyly greet them and he's surprised to see that all of his new friends are good looking.

His insecurities start to come out. 


"Oh, hey." They all look at how Seungcheol casually greets Jihoon as if they met already.

"I was helping him earlier. Come." Seungcheol pushed Mingyu and pat the vacant seat next to him.

Jihoon feels glad that Seungcheol didn't leave him out. Although he knows Soonyoung, Wonwoo and Jun, he prefers to stick with Seungcheol. 


He doesn't know why but he likes how Seungcheol treats him. 


"You attracted many people's attention, boy. I hope you stick with me always." Seungcheol beacon him to look around. Many eyes are on him and that's uncomfortable.


"Okay, Hyung."

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