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Void: Our Love Journey

 "What's with the chocolate?" Seungkwan asked when he saw Soonyoung bought a bunch of chocolate. "That's for Jihoon. So, don't touch them."

"Jihoon Hyung doesn't even like chocolates." Seungkwan rolled his eyes and look around for the rest of the members.
"Jihoon Hyu-"
"Jihoon- ah!"

Jihoon lowered his head, feeling slightly embarrassed by Soonyoung's action.
"You're embarrassing me," Jihoon mutters once he sits with them.
"It's called affection." Soonyoung smiles fondly at Jihoon and quickly shove the chocolates to Jihoon before he forgets.

"What is this for?"
"It's called love." Jihoon makes a disagree look.
"You're trying to make me fat."
"You'll never get fat because in my eyes you always look cute." Soonyoung winked at Jihoon.

Jihoon smacks Soonyoung's head. "Stupid."

Seungkwan noticed and wonder about Soonyoung. "Don't you think it's kinda quick for you to like Jihoon Hyung?"

"Hey, don't question my love for him." Jihoon rolled his eyes. Well, this is what he needs to handle for the time being.
"Besides it's been two months since Jihoon transferred here. So, I would say it's love at first sight." Sooyoung looks at Jihoon dreamily.


Sorry for the short update 🙏

Been busy yet I feel the need to update this story. 

Stay safe everyone 

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