One | The Beginning

Void: Our Love Journey

 Head glistening with sweats. Somehow that's what makes him attractive. Girls are drooling over how attractive he looks and not a single day, the fans would miss it.

Seungcheol walks out of the changing room after a fresh shower from morning practice. Everyone knows he always comes to school very early to practice and continue later on the day.
That's what he got. The perk of being a captain of the group.

He smiles at everyone he saw, showing off his perfect dimples. Not to forget to bow as well. What a perfect and nice boy he is.
Before the ring bells, he stops by the office to place his valuable item. As usual.

"Morning, miss." He greets happily and places another bag to the lady.
"By the way, Seungcheol. Can you help me? I'll tell your homeroom teacher that you'll be late." He nods instantly because he honestly doesn't like sitting in class.

The lady leads him to the lounge and there, he saw a small boy sitting on the chair, swaying his legs. He thought he looks cute.
"Could you help me give him a tour? He's a new transfer."
"Sure, miss."

"Hi, my name is Seungcheol. You?"

"Lee Jihoon." The smaller puckered his lips after telling his name.
Seungcheol thought this guy is adorable. "So, which class are you in?"

"I'm in junior class."

He looks at how Jihoon's talking. He needs to control himself from squishing the smaller cheeks. "Then, I'm a Hyung to you."

"Okay, Hyung." Jihoon's hair bounced when he nods.
Somehow, Seungcheol starts to be fond of the smaller.


 Yeayy, first chapter!

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