Fixing You Up
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Sooyoung crossed her arms and watched the girls entering the restroom.


“Sooyoung!” She turned and found Yerim walking towards her, wallet in hand. “Are you getting lunch?” Sooyoung shook her head. “No… Well, not yet. I have something to do. It won’t take lots of time.” She looked behind Yerim and found no one. “Isn’t Seungwan coming?”


Yerim crossed her arms and leaned against the lockers. “She’s talking to Joohyun. Did you hear what happened yesterday?”


Sooyoung raised an eyebrow. This was the first time Yerim had news and she didn’t know about it beforehand. “What?”


“Seungwan and Joohyun almost got into a punching marathon at the grounds.” “What?” Sooyoung snapped. “What were they fighting about?” Yerim shrugged. “That’s the thing, none of the two would tell me. But! I have juicier news.” She smiled, eyes sparkling. “Do you wanna hear it?”


Sooyoung nodded. “Duh.” “How come you haven’t heard of this though?” Yerim raised an eyebrow at her. “Didn’t Yerin unnie or Hayoung unnie tell you anything?” “Uhm, no, obviously. Which is why we’re here.” The tall, slender girl flipped her hair. “Yerin and Hayoung are busy these days, we just bump into each other on hallways.”


Yerim sighed. “Well, it was said that the person who intervened Seungwan and Joohyun’s fight was Kang Seulgi.”


Sooyoung’s eyes widened. “What?” “Yeah, a junior told me Seungwan threw a punch to Joohyun’s face, and when Joohyun was about to fall, she grabbed her back up by the collar to hit her again, but then Seulgi pulled Joohyun away from her, and said something about Joohyun being late to their session because they’re fighting.” “What—” “Then Seungwan asked Seulgi why she was taking Joohyun’s side, and Seulgi said it’s because she’s her tutor, and she wrapped an arm around Joohyun and they walked back into the building together.” Yerim took a deep breath. “That’s it.”


Sooyoung eyed Yerim at first. “Have you been reading fanfiction, Yerim-ah?”


Yerim cringed. “What? No! That’s what happened based on the group of juniors I asked about!” “Give me a name.” “Sakura.” “She told you that?” “Yeah. She and her friends were playing ddakji when the fight happened so they watched.”


Sooyoung leaned back against the wall and glanced at the restroom. It looks like I’ll be waiting for a different person now.


“What could Joohyun have said to Seungwan to make her punch her like that?” Yerim wondered aloud. “You got any idea?”

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