Fixing You Up
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Joohyun sat down on the front stairs of the high school building lobby. Quickly, she fired a quick text to Seulgi.


To: boring tutor

i’m grabbing a quick drink, do u want one

texting so u don’t go berserk at me again

i’m joking btw


She slipped the phone back into her skirt’s pocket and crossed her arms. She was waiting for Seungwan to ditch band practice to do a 7-Eleven run.


Her phone ping-ed. Joohyun quickly took the phone and read the text.


From: boring tutor



Joohyun pouted. Seulgi wanted her to at least text if she was going to be delayed and yet that’s how she replied. Great talk.


A palm slammed onto her back, making Joohyun lurch forward, almost losing balance. She groaned and turned.


Seungwan stood behind her, a cheeky grin on her face, arms crossed. The silver piercings on her right ear glinted in the sunlight. “Hello there.”


“What the was that for?” Joohyun reached out and grabbed Seungwan’s left ear, yanking her down the stairs. Seungwan yelled. “OW! OW! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, let go of me!”


Joohyun let go of her and watched as Seungwan straightened up, a grimace on her face. “!” “I’m sorry, um, how am I the when you smacked my back like that?” Joohyun yelled back. The short-haired girl held up her hands. “Okay! I’m sorry! I just didn’t know you’d be so sour today. I do that to you all the time and you’re never mad,” she huffed.


Joohyun rolled her eyes. “I’m gonna grab something from 7-Eleven. You wanna run?” “Ah, so that’s why you called my over here?” Seungwan put her hands on her hips. The small brunette shrugged. “Yeah? Obviously? Why else would I call you at 4:45 in the afternoon?”


Seungwan got a piece of chewing gum from her pocket and unwrapped it. “Well,” she asked while chewing, “Why didn’t you ask your new best friend out? Do I look like I do errands for you?”


Joohyun raised her eyebrow. “Best friend?” Seungwan laughed. “Yeah. The nerd.”


Oh, she meant Seulgi. “Why would I do that? She still has a class.” “Oh? So you’d actually consider asking her out?” Seungwan wiggled her eyebrows at her, which earned her a smack on the shoulder.


“I’d consider asking her out to buy snacks, Seungwan, not what you’re thinking,” Joohyun remarked. Her phone pinged once again, and she looked at the text.


From: boring tutor

Can you get me the white choco Pepero again?

I’ll pay you when we meet today.


Joohyun smiled.


To: boring tutor

of course I can! and u don’t need to pay


do u want anything else? a drink?

don’t worry, i’ll pay


Right after she hit send, her phone was snatched away from her.


By Seungwan, of course, being petty Seungwan.


“Of course I can!” She read in a sing-song voice as Joohyun chased her to the school gates. “And you don’t need to pay! Lol! Do you want anything else? A drink? Don’t worry, I’ll pay.” “Son Seungwan! Give me back my phone or I’ll wrestle you to the grass!” Joohyun roared. The students who were nearby watched and laughed.


Seungwan eventually stopped and handed the phone over. The last time Joohyun wrestled her to the grass was back in 8th grade, which ended up with Yerim being brought to the school clinic and Sooyoung reported to the school’s Disciplinary Committee. Yes, it may sound weird that the two of them were fighting yet the highlights were Yerim being injured and Sooyoung being suspended for a week, which was funny. Well, it’s funny now, but back then it was pretty serious.


“So cheesy and friendly,” Seungwan panted. “You never did that to u

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