Fixing You Up

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Kang Seulgi was the genius senior, at the top of the batch and the student council.


Bae Joohyun was the campus wild child, at the top of the school's popularity ranks.


Who said only geniuses had something to teach?


"Bae Joohyun?" She put her hand on her hip. "And why are you hanging out with her?"


Seulgi crossed her arms and looked at her sister. "I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be doing so."


Suzy gaped at her little sister, aghast. "She's bad news. She's literally trouble dressed up as a porcelain doll."


Seulgi tapped her pen on her lips. "The only bad news here is you judging her without actually knowing her."


The older of the two crossed her arms. "So you actually know her?"


Seulgi turned away to focus on the books on her desk, a little smile playing on her lips.


"Let's just say I do."




"Kang Seulgi? The nerd?" He laughed. "You've been hanging out with her?"


Joohyun smirked. "Is there something wrong with that?"


Jinho looked at his little sister. "I don't know, it's just... unlike you to hang out with a nerd."


The skateboard crashed onto the wall. "What the hell?" Jinho yelled. "Why'd you crash my board like that?"


Joohyun turned away and started walking back into their house, a little smile playing on her lips.


"She's not a nerd. She's more than that."




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