Fixing You Up
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The teacher knocked on the classroom door where Seulgi was tutoring a sophomore. "Seulgi-ssi?"


Seulgi looked up. "Oh, hello, ma'am."


The teacher gestured to her to come out of the classroom. Seulgi whispered something to the freshman, and went out of the classroom. The teacher stood there, and behind the door, leaning against the wall, was a student everyone in the university knew.


Seulgi looked her up and down. The girl was wearing the same uniform she was wearing, except without the blazer, vest and necktie. Just the white, long-sleeved button-down blouse and black and yellow plaid skirt. She had a bandage on her knee but didn't seem to have any difficulty standing. Seulgi adjusted her glasses and looked the girl right into the eye.


Bae Joohyun stared back at her, twirling a lollipop in .


The teacher cleared . Seulgi turned to her. "What is it, sunsaengnim?" "I see you've started tutoring Lee Joon this semester." The teacher said. "Unfortunately, his parents have decided to pull him out of our school by next week, so I don't think you'll have to keep tutoring him at this point."


"Oh..." Seulgi nodded. That would mean she would have to go home directly from school and have more time to study, which is fine with her. She wanted to leave the university's Tutors' Guild anyway, since it's her last semester in the school. She started imagining herself at home, sitting in front of her desk, reading all the envelopes from various big universities in Seoul telling her she's accepted for admissions...


"So I would like you to tutor Miss Bae instead."


It was as if her daydream literally shattered. Seulgi blinked thrice rapidly. "Uhm..."


Joohyun pushed herself up against the wall and stood, arms crossed. "You can say no. It's not like I wanted this--" "Miss Bae, your parents have paid for this." The teacher snapped at her.


Seulgi sighed mentally. She didn't like wasting her time.


And Joohyun was notoriously good at exactly that.


The teacher nodded and turned to Seulgi. "Miss Kang, I would like you to come into agreement with Miss Bae. Report to my office if anything comes up." She turned and left, leaving Seulgi standing there outside with Joohyun.


The first thing Seulgi did was to tell Lee Joon about his tutorial program ending. The boy seemed fine with it, and started gathering his things. She turned to figure out the other thing--but Joohyun was already there behind her. Seulgi flinched.


"Listen." Joohyun crossed her arms, one hand holding the lollipop. "Yeah, my parents did pay for this, but I don't want it. I can do okay." She sighed. "What about you? How much do you want? Is there anything you want?"


Seulgi's eyes widened. She didn't want Joohyun's money. She didn't even want anything. What she wanted was free time.


And she can say no. And yet Seulgi felt like she couldn't not tutor Joohyun. She wanted a good record on her exit form anyway.


"It's okay. I can tutor you without pay. It's part of my job anyway," she then said to the girl, "Since I'm part of the Tutors' Guild anyway." Seulgi turned and found Lee Joon waiting by the door. He bowed towards her and quickly left the room.


She turned back to Joohyun and found her looking back at her. "Anything else?"


Joohyun her lips. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She put the lollipop back in . "I told you it's okay if--" "Yes. It's fine. I need this for my school record." Seulgi slung her backpack over her shoulder and held her books to her chest, waiting for Joohyun to get what she meant.


The dark-haired girl raised an eyebrow, then two. She grinned devilishly, her trademark expression. It's Seulgi's first time seeing it up close, though. She had never had any opportunity--let alone reason--for her to interact with the school's number one daredevil, anyway.


"You need to show them that my grades got up so that you'll look good, right?" Joohyun laughed. "For the college ?"


Seulgi definitely wouldn't have called it "college ". But she nodded. At least Joohyun got her point.


The daredevil twirled the lollipop in . "I see. Then that means I'll have to cooperate w

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A/N: new chapter (eight) updated!

i had to made slight changes bc some of the words were weird and idk how it happened lol

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