Second Chance


Do you believe in second chances?

Because Wendy never did.

Not until she finally got hers.



Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy this book. I really wanted to share this after Red Velvet's comeback. OT5 FOREVER!

- I'm only writing this for the purpose of entertainment so please understand if there are any mistakes. Also I have no idea where this story is going to go, so don't expect fast updates. 

-You can ask questions or send in any recommendations on my twitter @Laroshka6

- Remember, this is all a work of fiction. Enjoy! 

Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the story as much as I am, but it's been getting a little hectic, since college is getting all serious these days. Also, sorry in advance if this story suddenly takes a turn to crack, I can't seem to write angst for the life of me. Anyways, have fun! :))
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