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Last Love

Wendy started to prepare dinner from her parents’ groceries and Irene offered to help her cook in the kitchen. Eunbi was in the living room talking to her mother and father about how they got acquainted. She told Wendy’s parents that they both go to the same nail salon and one day they happened to sit next to each other, where they exchanged phone numbers. She also mentioned how sought out advice from Wendy, on how she released her “Like Water” solo album. Her parents listened attentively and paused, where Wendy’s mother addressed the Red Velvet leader.


“Joohyun-ah, thank you for helping our Seungwan in the kitchen.” Her mother thanked Irene, which the older woman smiled.


“You’re welcome, umma-nim. I’m still trying to improve my cooking skills.” Joohyun responded back to Wendy’s mother and started to chop the vegetables for stir-fry bulgogi. Wendy stayed quiet and started to make the broth base for their soup. She also tied her bangs up with a small hairtie, freeing her forehead and knowing she had a "bean sprout" hairstyle. 


“Joohyun also bought us a cake, Seungwannie.” Her father mentioned and motioned to the boxed cake on the kitchen table. Wendy glanced at the cake, then glancing back at the cupcakes she made with Eunbi. She glanced at the younger woman who gave her a small smile.


“Me and Eunbi baked cupcakes, appa.” Wendy told her parents and she was now cutting the tofu to put into the boiling broth. “Oh you also have an interest in baking, Eunbi-ssi?” Her mother asked Eunbi, having Wendy and Irene to continue cooking.


The two would usually cook in silence, where Wendy and Irene found themselves to be in sync on preparing meals together for their members. Wendy had to admit cooking with Irene this time was awkward.


Did Joohyun unnie know about Eunbi coming over today? Wendy thought while stirring the soup. How did she arrive with my parents?


Wendy failed to realize that Irene was right next to her as she was sautéing the meat and vegetables.


As Wendy felt close to Irene in the moment, she still felt so distant from her.




Oh goodness, why? Out all seats? Wendy thought in her head and which made her hit her forehead slightly. “Seungwan unnie, are you okay?” Eunbi turned to Wendy and saw how she was hitting her head repetitively.


Everyone was seated at the table, Wendy’s father and mother sitting next to each other. Wendy sat on the opposite side of her parents, where Irene and Eunbi were on her right and left side.


Her parents started to eat first, then the younger women followed suit. Eunbi first took a bite of the bulgogi and the ate a spoonful of soup, smiling at her sunbaes.” Wow Joohyun and Wendy unnie, you are both great cooks!”


Wendy smiled brightly at the younger woman and Joohyun gave her small smile. As Wendy scooped up her rice on her spoon, Irene placed a piece of meat on top of her rice. She glanced over at her Irene and was surprised by her small action.


Everyone at the table stopped eating for a moment and her parents glanced at Wendy then at Irene. The main vocalist turned slightly to look at Eunbi’s reaction. Eunbi looked crestfallen by Irene and Wendy’s interaction, she attempted change her facial expression and continued to eat.


Conversations around the table started up again and Wendy internally let out a sigh of relief.




After dinner, Wendy, Irene, and Eunbi offered to clean up the table. Eunbi also offered Wendy’s parents the homemade cupcakes and the cake Irene bought.


Wendy was finishing up the dishes and she was able to wipe her hands. Turning around, Irene placed a bowl of apples for her. The main vocalist looked at Irene in her eyes for the first time that night and knew the unspoken message that she was conveying to Wendy.


Seungwan-ah, I’m sorry.


Irene thought in her head and she knew had to apologize using her own voice.


Eunbi held up a banana and turned to Wendy,” Seungwan unnie, what if you like banana?” She smiled widely and offered the banana for her unnie.


“Ba-na-na,” Eunbi giggled at her pun, “You fall in love with me.”


Wendy’s ears started to turn red and was rendered speechless. She was unsure what to do, but the pun made Wendy smile and accept the banana. “That’s funny, Eunbi-ah. Thank you for the banana.”


As Eunbi only had her attention to Wendy, the two didn’t notice the glares coming from Irene.




Eunbi was the first one to head out back to her dorm and she was handed extra food along with the desserts that they baked earlier and the cake from Irene.


“I’ll walk you to the door, Eunbi-ah.” Wendy walked with her and Eunbi bid goodbye to her parents and Irene. She was holding the bags of food for Eunbi while the younger woman was putting on her shoes. Eunbi had both of her shoes on and stood up straight to face Wendy.


“Thank you today, unnie. I had fun.” Eunbi smiled brightly at the older woman.


“Me too, Eunbi. Text me when you are home?” Wendy smiled back at her. She felt Eunbi’s arms wrapping around her neck and was caught off guard from the younger woman. Wendy warmly put on hand on Eunbi’s back to return the gesture.


“Will do, unnie.” Eunbi was still smiling at Wendy, which made Wendy’s heart beat faster. Wendy bid Eunbi a final goodbye and entered back into her parents’ home. Her parents retired back to their room and smiled slightly at the sight of Irene who was laying down on the couch.


The Red Velvet leader was fast asleep, Wendy assumed that she was tired from cooking, setting the table, and cleaning up after dinner. Wendy crouched down to Irene’s level from the couch, brushing the stray hairs out of Irene’s face.


Wendy let out a sigh, knowing she had a significant decision to make.










A/N: Thank you everyone from your support, I did have some writer's block trying to finish this chapter. There were moments where I felt discouraged about continuing this story and even wanted to delete it. The last two chapters will be the alternate endings, I tried to leave this chapter open-ended. I also want to comment on Wendy's bravery regarding on what she said on Youngstreet, it gave me some comfort as someone who identifies a LGBTQIA+. Also Wendy reminds me of Kim NoRae from Fluttering Feelings from ssamba. Feel free to read the manhwa!! Please leave a comment on what you think!





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