Love Alarm: When the Flowers Bloom


The moment Jasmine laid her eyes on White Rose, she felt butterflies in her stomach. The only problem is that they are on a South Korean reality dating show with expectations of them picking a man of their dreams.

What will happen when they pick each other?

Will love bloom?


Based on the dating reality show, Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!


Crossposted on AO3.


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wmatsui123 #1
Chapter 3: ....this is complete or....?
Thank you for making jasrose fanfic 😊
malina #2
Chapter 3: Very nice... Pleaseee make another story for jasrose please...
WannieMySonshine #3
Omg to ship wenrene and jasrose at the same time 😍
I hope there'll be more seunghee x hyoeun fics in the future
Chapter 3: I myself also so scare to see the result. I hope they have a good ending
Chapter 3: More and more of these two
Remyzle #6
Chapter 2: I need more fic of Sumin and jangmi.
Jensoo4everlove #8
Ohh someone made a fic on this Yaas!!! My love Jensoo and White Rose and Jasmine!!!!
WenRene_77 16 streak #9
Chapter 1: I really like jasmime's being brave to step forward and have a date with rose and same with rose to say "yes" and accept it. Sokor is a very conservative country to begin with. I hope that it'll bloom just like how flowers do. Im happy for them, really. Thank you author-nim. I'll never get over with that twist!!
cptncat #10
Chapter 1: Hohoho a jasmine and white rose fic finally! Excited to read the whole story and the tags!? they piqued my interest esp those 3 w ships😫