When This Rain Stops

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Being caught in the rain, Seungwan comes across the performance by the artist, Wendy. There is something about Wendy that Seungwan is drawn in by her. 


Inspired by Wendy's When This Rain Stops MV! 


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Favebolous #1
Chapter 1: Hm I want Wendy x Seungwan as twins
Chapter 1: I figured it out, the best Wendy ship is Wendy x Seungwan!
soshivelvetM #3
Chapter 1: Wow this is good 🥺 also the ending haha 😅
Chapter 1: I almost ship wendy by herself lol My new agenda: ship wendy with seungwan. Great story authornim! ❤️
Paparapakyaw #5
Chapter 1: The last part got me laughing LMAO
Chapter 1: Wow 💙💙💙