I Feel You

Last Love

Wendy started to stir awake by someone snoring in her ear.




Her best friend had her arms wrapped around Wendy’s waist and Wendy was tucked under Seulgi’s embrace. The shorter woman knew her eyes were swollen from crying , where she found it difficult to open her eyes. Wendy also felt her phone vibrate and attempted to search for her phone while being in Seulgi’s arms.


Wendy finally found her phone from the messy sheets and unlocked her phone, finding text messages from Eunbi. She debated to text Eunbi back and the thought of Eunbi made her think about Irene. The phone was no longer in Wendy’s hands and Seulgi tossed the phone on the floor.


“Yah Son Seungwan, let’s go back to sleep.” Seulgi muttered still with her eyes closed and snuggled into Wendy.


“Yah Kang Seulgi, we have to eat breakfast.” Wendy pouted and patted Seulgi’s stomach, finding it comforting to be with Seulgi. “Just stay with me a little longer,” Seulgi whispered and rubbed Wendy’s arms. “You and the maknaes heard me yelling last night…” She sighed and fiddled with Seulgi’s fingers.


“We did and they are probably with Joohyun unnie.”


Even the sound of her name made Wendy’s heart pull a nerve. The two were quiet for a bit until Seulgi spoke up.


“Seungwannie, you expressed your feelings towards Joohyun unnie. It’s her turn for her to tell you how she feels.” As Seulgi ended her sentence, Wendy bit her lip.


“Seul, I think I’m just preparing myself for the worst outcome. If Joohyun unnie turns me down or refuses to acknowledge my feelings…” Wendy paused.


“I have to move on from her.”




Breakfast with all five members was painfully awkward, where Wendy and Irene barely spared a glance with each other. Wendy debated staying with her parents, but she wanted to stay with her members for the remaining time staying in the dorms.


She would probably spend most of her time at her parent’s home and come back for dinner at the dorms. As she was on the way to her parents’ house, she was surprised Eunbi outside their door. “Seungwan unnie! I thought you’d be inside, I just made it right on time!”


Wendy forgot she was supposed to bake with Eunbi today.




Eunbi and Wendy were enjoying each other’s company by preparing cupcakes and listening to music. The older girl wiped her face with the back of her hand and she heard Eunbi hold in a laugh. “Ms.Kwon Eunbi-ssi, why are you laughing?” Wendy glared carefully at the younger woman.


“Silly unnie, you have flour on your face.” Eunbi laughed and used her clean hand to wipe the flour offWendy’s cheek. The Red Velvet main vocalist had to admit that she felt her heart flutter when she made eye contact with the younger woman. On the other hand, the new solo artist felt her heart beat faster. Eunbi was still caressing Wendy’s cheek until she finally snapped out it.


“Feels like mochi…”Eunbi muttered but Wendy still heard her.


“My cheeks are mochi, Eunbi-ah?” Wendy laughed at her. “It is a charming point of mine, don’t you think?”


“They are so cute and fluffy, they remind me of-“


“A squirrel? I have been told and being the shortest member.” Wendy joked around.


“That’s pretty cute, Seungwan unnie.” Eunbi smiled at her brightly.


“You are pretty cute, Kwon Eunbi-ssi. So shall we finish baking these cupcakes?” Wendy asked Eunbi and she playfully pointed on Eunbi’s nose.




The two were finished baking and they were cleaning up the kitchen, after they finished they were settled on the couch. Wendy heard the door open, assuming it was just her parents. “Seungwannie, umma and appa are home. Also one of your members tagged along with us, she’s having dinner with us!” She heard her mom through the foyer.


Eunbi stood up with Wendy to formally greet her parents and Wendy assumed that Seulgi was the one who was worth with her parents. Wendy couldn’t contain her surprise who was trailing behind her father. “Joohyun unnie…”


Irene bowed to Eunbi slightly and looked into Wendy’s eyes with determination.


Son Seungwan, I’m here to win your heart and I’m not going to lose you.




On the other hand, Eunbi thought that she was starting to fall for her Seungwan unnie


My heart is starting to flutter each time I'm near you, Wendy unnie. 










A/N: So I decided to make alternate endings with Wendy ending up Eunbi/Irene. Also please try to reach out to @marchiarten on Twitter and send them the link of this fic.  This will only have the ending of Wenrene/Wenbi, so it is ending in two chapters! Thank you so much for the comments and please try to leave a comment on this chapter! I enjoy reading them and it makes me motivated to keep writing!

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