Not of This World

When Dreams Come
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Four months later:

It has been four months since she appeared in my garden.

When I found her laying next to the pond, I was so afraid.

Where did she come from? She was this beautiful almost mythical creature with skin the color of copper.

I held me breath anxiously thinking she was dead.

I felt her pulse, although it was very weak life was still within her.

I sighed with relief, I looked around to see if I was being watched.

Me being the king meant my every step was watched some for my protection some to catch me slipping.

I saw Eun Seob standing to the left of the pond.

“Eun Seob here I am over here come to me now!” I yell.

I look around and to be sure it is just us in the garden there are spies everywhere.

I lift her up off the ground she is covered in sweat and feverish and if we do not get her inside quickly, she will be in grave danger.

I see a large black bag that I assume is hers and I throw it over my shoulder.

He comes rushing over, along with Rae and Sun-Bin.

“Your majesty, your majesty are you alright?”

I turn and they all gasp seeing her in my arms.

“Your majesty what is that?” He asks taking in her appearance.

I will admit she looks odd.

She is wearing some kind of britches that are tight to her body and her shirt is snug to her body revealing her arms, shoulders, and ample s.

“It’s a girl Eun Seob not an it and she is injured we must get her to my quarters.”

“Your majesty you cannot do that.” Sun-Bin says coming to stand in front of me.

“And pray tell why not?”

“She could be a spy sent here by our enemies.” He says eyeing her warily.

I look down at her sleeping face and my heart squeezes.

“Even if she is, she is ill at the moment and I highly doubt she can do me any harm the shape she is in.”

“Now fetch the royal physician and tell him to be discreet about it!”

“Yes, your majesty.” Rae says running toward the main palace.

“Now Eun Seob fetch me a maid to take care of her and make sure she can keep her lips shut!” I yell.

“Yes, your majesty right away.” He scurries off leaving me there with Sun-Bin


“Your majesty I do not think this is a good idea.” He says exasperatedly.

“I am sure it’s not, but I do not have time to worry about that right now she is sick, possibly unto death and we do not have time to argue the semantics.”

I yell at him.

He looks offended but he bows low to the ground.

“Forgive me your majesty I forgot my place.”

I sigh becoming frustrated precious time is being wasted right now.

“Sun-Bin I hear you and do not think I am disregarding your words please get a bath sent to my chambers.” I say a bit softer.

“And make the water as hot as possible without it being damaging to her skin, we have to sweat out her fever.”

“Right away your majesty.” I watch him head off in the opposite direction and sigh.

I know he means well but what can she possibly do to me in her current state?

I enter the secret door that leads to my chambers and lay her on the floor.

Rae, Eun Seob and the royal physician walk in a few minutes later.

“Physician Haan.” I say pointing to her.

He walks over to her and immediately begins to check her vitals.

“Your majesty I have brought a maid.” Eun Seob says.

I turn back to them greet them.

“Your majesty.” She says bowing low to the floor.

“What is your name?”

“Ming Nah your majesty.”

“Ahh Ming Nah come I will need you to look after my guest.”

I say walking over to where she is laying and kneeling.

The doctor is checking her breathing and removes her the cap from her head.

Out tumbles hair the color of ripe juicy plums.

I am intrigued and stop myself from reaching out and touching it.

Later I say to myself.

Much later after she has fully recovered.

She gasps coming in for a closer look.

“Your majesty! What is she?”

“We do not have time for introductions I am afraid she is sick and we need to get her out of these wet clothes and into the tub can you do it alone or do you need help.”

“I can do it your majesty, but I will need help lifting her into the bath.”

“Eun Seob!”

“I am already on it your grace.” He runs out quickly returning just as quick with four young ladies.

“Great I will leave you all to it I will return in one hour to check on her.”

“Yes, your majesty.” They say in unison.

“Do not speak of this to anyone, I mean anyone or else you forfeit your lives.” I added.

“Yes, your majesty.” They said kneeling to the floor.

I turn to the doctor.

“I have it under control your grace she will be fine, it is not life threatening after all.”

“She does have a high temperature, but she will recover with rest and proper medication.”

Sun-Bin enters along with six men carrying a large tub and buckets of water.

“Ah Sun-Bin perfect timing sit the tub by the hearth.”

“Yes, your grace.” He points to hearth repeating my words the men fill the tub quickly and leave just as quick.

“You all have to leave now while I tend to her.” Physician Haan says.

“Yes of course.” I turn and they follow me out into the hall.

We walk to next door to my study.

“Rae you stand near the room and make sure no one enters, Sun-Bin will remain with Eunuch Im and I.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He says heading out.

“What information did you gather when you went out?” I ask them.

“So far no one knows anything about a foreign spy being sent.” Sun-Bin replies.

“It appears your grace that she just appeared in your garden, it is if she fell from the sky.”

I looked at their worried and anxious faces.

I will not lie and say I did not think she was fairy.

When Physician Haan removed her hair covering I was convinced she is not of this world.

But the moment I saw her I felt my inner being calling out to her as if we had known each other in a past life.

I cannot explain it because I would sound insane and an insane king leaves the door open for an usurper stake a claim on the crown.

We wait for over two hours beforePhysician Haan comes in giving the clear to come back into my bedroom chambers.

I walk in and she is laying on a pallet resting soundly.

I dismiss everyone and sit down next to her on the cover.

I lean in closely to her face.

She is beautiful with plump two-toned lips, gorgeous, upturned eyes, and lashes so long I could curl my finger around them.

She has been scrubbed clean smells of lavender and honey.

A most pleasant smell I must admit.

She is wearing a pink and white hanbok and she's breathtaking.

Her hair is what draws my eyes to her.

It is purple and appears to be in small elaborate braids all over her head.

I pick one up and rub it between my fingers.

The texture feels silky and rough at the same time.

She moans causing me to jump up.

She begins coughing violently and I call for the maid who scurries in.

“Please see to her and let me know if anything new develops.

“Yes, your majesty.”

She remained that way for seven whole days just to wake up for three hours and faint dead away again and sleep for another twelve days.

While she was asleep, I slept in the secret chamber next to her every night.

I would watch her sleep and my heart became more convinced than ever that I knew her in another life, and she was mine.

I know it sounds crazy to say I had fallen in love with a sleeping woman, but I did.

She would talk in her sleep I listened eagerly eating up any detail she gave away.

From what I gather she is from the future fell hitting her head and waking

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