Parallel Worlds

When Dreams Come
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12:45 PM


“Are there any questions?” The tour guide Miranda asks.

I see a few hands go up and I groan becoming annoyed.

I know I came here with my club, but I am desperate to get out on my own and see the grounds.

I walked past a beautiful garden earlier and my fingers are itching to get over there and draw up a few sketches before we head back to the hotel.

I want to get in a good bath and long nap before Ho-Jin and Julia get there.

I am so excited to see them I could burst!

When I think of the phone conversation this morning I blush and feel hot all over.

What was that all about?

Was he actually flirting with me? I mean it is remotely possible.

I am not the chubby awkward little girl anymore that is for sure.

And he sure got better looking.

My God he is thirty-six but looks twenty-six!

And his hair? He is wearing it long on the top now.

He looks like one of those k drama leads that make all the women in office swoon.

I giggle at the thought; he really is that good looking.

I hear clapping and it brings me out of my thoughts back to the present.

I clap as well having no idea what is going on.

“Thank you for being a wonderful group I hope to see you again before you return to the States.”

“Enjoy the rest of your stay in Seoul and while you are here at our beloved Gyeongbokgung.”

“Thank you.” I say a little enthusiastically ready to get to that garden and get lost in my sketchbook.

I turn to leave but a painting in the next room catches my eye.

“Come on Frankie were heading to the gift shop.” My friend Chloe says.

I turn and see her walking out the main door with my group waving me on.

“I’ll meet up with you guys in a few I wanna check out the garden we saw when we came in.”

“Ok cool but were heading out at three forty-five to be back to the bus by four ok.”

“Okay I’ll meet you by the main gate at three thirty oks.”

“Okay enjoy your garden.” She says running to catch up with Joe her boyfriend.

“My garden?” I smile feeling warm at the thought, it is a beautiful garden I would be lucky if it were mine.

I set my watch for three fifteen, so I have time to slowly to the main gate.

I walk into the room and look at the painting.

I gasp its Ho-Jin! Well I know it is not really Ho-Jin, but he looks just like him.

I read the label.

“King Lee Hwon of Joseon Dynasty June 30, 1420.

“On this day in the of fourteen hundred and twenty he met the love of his life.

“She is the painter of this official portrait.”

I read the last line and the hairs on my arms and neck stands up.

“Wow? I run my fingers over the gold raised writing on the plaque.

“I wonder if he knew that morning when woke up that his destiny was about to change and that he’d meet his soul mate.”

I lean in to inspect the painting further.

“She was good.” I go to rub the wood that incases the painting and think better of it.

“I do not know how old this frame is and I can’t afford to replace it if I break it.” I stand straight and look at his face again.

I am struck at how much he favors Ho-Jin, I stare at his eyes and I can see he was incredibly happy.

Even though he looks very poised and stoic his eyes are laughing and have that look of a man deeply in love.

I sigh looking at his handsome face one last time.

“Must be nice.” I sigh wondering if I will ever feel mad, passionate love for any man.

“Doubt it.” I say to myself and sigh again.

I have no grand illusions about my nonexistent love life.

I am nearly thirty years old and after a long-term relationship that I thought was leading to marriage I find my self single as a dollar bill.

I shake the gloomy thoughts from my mind determined to enjoy my vacation.

I did not fly all the way to South Korea to dwell on the past.

I come to the end of the hall and realize I am lost.

I turn to go back out the way I came, and I hear water running.

I walk down a long corridor and see a door off to the side.

“That’s strange I am sure we came this way earlier I don’t remember a door being here.”

I walk closer and I hear birds chirping and the sound of a running stream.

I slowly open the door and am engulfed with the smell of fragrant and delicious smelling flowers.

I open it wide and gasp.

It is my garden! I walk out on the landing and see stairs that lead you right into the middle of the garden.

I quickly run down the stairs making my way to the water.

I pull out my camera and snap dozens of pictures.

I look to my left and see a bench.

“Nice I can sit there and do a few rough sketches to begin with and finish them from the pictures I captured.”

I sit down and pull out my pad and a bottle of water.

I begin drawing the outer garden area and the inner area and all the surrounding vegetation.

When I am satisfied with that, I begin on the actual pond itself,

It is much larger tha

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