Something Unexpected

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Madison Morgan has her hands full as the manager of Anastacia Ellington and the executive producer of her wildly popular cooking show and travel show.

Although she lives a fast-paced life she is content.

Single since a divorce at twenty-one she doesn't have the time or inclination to date.

She travels to New Orleans to shoot a segment for the show and meets real estate tycoon Terrance Lee.

A true southern gentleman he is debonair, handsome and very Asian.

On top of that he is older than her by over a decade.

Shocked by her instant attraction to an older Asian man, she is very reluctant when he wants to pursue a romantic relationship with her.

Complicating things further is her very pro black mother who has strong opinions about relationships and marriages.

Conflicted by her own insecurities, past and what others think will she give in to what her family says or will she take a chance on what could be true love.



This is a sequel to Sometimes You Can Go Home.


"Terrance how nice to see you." I say calmly but inside there is a storm brewing.

"I had no idea you were in New York; this is indeed a surprise."

"Does Ana know you are here?" I smile a generic smile to be polite.

This man does not take no for an answer that's for sure.

I stand and hold out my hand he takes it and kisses it.

"Madison you look as beautiful as ever."

I smile and sit back down.

"Thank you, Terry, so what brings you by?" I ask.

"You." He says matter of fact.

"Oh?" My eyebrows shoot into my hairline.

He is so bold lord have mercy.

"Oh, do you have something for me to sign?"

I recently went through his real estate firm to purchase my apartment in Manhattan and I gotta say it was worth every single red cent.

He chuckles clearly amused by something.

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"You, you are hilarious."

"Oh, I see." Would you like some tea my receptionist can get it for you."

I reach over to press the button to intercom my secretary Ameena.

"No that won't be necessary Maddy."


"Can I take you to dinner tonight? He asks looking me in my eyes.

"I do not think so Terry, I told you that I do not mix business with pleasure."

'Now if you w...."

"That is an excuse, and you know it." He interrupts.

I look at him curiously.

"You and I have been skirting around this for months and I am not a patient man Maddy when I want something I get it."

"Well good for you." I reply.

"But I am not a plaything or something you can lay claim to Terry."

"I am a human being with feelings and thoughts."

"I already told you I do not date business associates so please before I lose my temper with you stop asking me out."

He looks at me like what I said turned him on even more.

I'm a challenge he's accepted.

Oh lord here he goes.

"Ok Maddy we will try things your way, I'd rather be your friend than nothing at all."

And before I can reply he jumps up and quickly exits my office.

Now ain't that about some mess?!

I fall back in my chair and sigh.

I can't take this anymore I need to get away for a lil while.

The constant texts, phone calls it is borderline harassment!

I guess I am going to have to hurt his feelings after all.


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Chapter 2: Update this story soon please
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Chapter 2: Please add another chapter.

If I was in her situation I would date him no questions asked
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