When Dreams Come

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Francesca “Frankie” Winslow has come to South Korea with her Korean Language and Culture Group for a month-long vacation.

It has always been her desire to visit Asia and tour it is most historic sites so this is a dream come true for the avid history and culture buff.

During a tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul she sees a picture of King Lee Hwon of the Joseon Dynasty and is struck by how much he looks like her childhood best friend’s older brother Lee Ho-Jin.

The resemblance is uncanny and what is even stranger is that she just found them both again after losing touch fifteen years ago when they moved back to South Korea.

Excited about the reunion they made plans to meet later tonight at her hotel to have dinner and catch up.

Unbeknownst to anyone she had a little bit of a crush on Ho-Jin when she was twelve.

He was eighteen, handsome, smart, and exceedingly kind to the geeky, awkward, and chubby young girl she had been.

Whenever she thought of the time, she was with them she would smile and feel happy.

While touring the grounds she slipped on some mud, falling, and hitting her head on a stone near the brook in the king’s garden.

She is knocked unconscious awakening hours later laying on a silk pallet in what appears to be the palace.

She sits up confused and afraid wondering what is going on and how did she get here.

She hears the door open and looks and who walks in but King Hwon Lee himself!




“What in the world how did I get here? And what am I wearing?”

I gasp as someone stands outside the door talking.

I do not know what is going on!

Where is my bag? I have pepper spray in there!

“Is she still asleep?” I hear a man ask.

“Yes, your majesty.” A woman says.

"Your majesty? What in the world?" I say under my breath straining my ear toward the door to hear more.

“Have you tended to her wounds? Is she still feverish?”

“Yes, your majesty and not her temperature has returned to normal and she has regained her color.”

“Although” …

“Although?” The male voice repeats.

“She is not like us; she has skinned the color of copper and strange colored drawings on her right shoulder and upper arm.”

“I have never seen anyone or anything like her your majesty, I am not sure, but she could be a witch." She whispers.

"A witch!?" I almost yell but refrain myself I am going to slap the taste outta as soon as I see her!

Well if I knew what she looked like I would the nerve! Me a witch? As if!! I am livid and scared to death if that is possible.

“Plus, her hair it is purple the small braids must have taken days if not weeks to complete.”

“I fear she is not of our world.” She said and I gasped she is talking about me I say picking up one of my super long pencil braids and scoffing.

“Boy you hit your head hard as heck didn’t you Frankie this is some dream you’re having.” I say to myself.

He snorts loudly. bringing me back to their conversation.

“Nonsense she's obviously someone’s maid otherwise she would not have been in my garden.”

“Maid! Hmm who does he think he is talking about I ain’t finna be nobody’s maid!”

“But who’s your majesty?” The wench I mean woman says again.

“That is the question, ask around and see who she belongs to, but be discreet and report your findings to me immediately.

“Yes, your majesty.” She must have left because I hear feet scurrying away.

I hear the door creak opening and my heart drops, for the first time in my life I feel real terror!

I had no idea if I was dreaming or if this is all real.

“Where is my purse I need my mace!” I am panicking looking around the room for it.

The door closes and I jump up to run out the door off to the side when he walks in.

“Ahh I see you are finally awake.” I freeze in place terrified.

“You’re up and moving around so you must be feeling much better, so much so that you are trying to escape?”

He says with laughter in his voice.

I turn around slowly to look at him and grimace.

His smile widens at his correct guess.

I put my hand over my mouth shocked!

Standing before me is none other than King Lee Hwon of Joseon!

I was just admiring his royal painting an hour ago, so I would recognize that face anywhere!

“You! You!” I say pointing at him my eyes bulging out of their sockets.

“Do you know who you are?” I ask again slapping my hand over my mouth.

"Duh stupid you in his house!" I mentally slap myself.

“Well the last time I checked I did.” He smiles hugely clearly amused.

But there is nothing remotely funny about this predicament I find myself in, because if he is indeed who I think he is that means I am in Joseon in the year 1420!

I am brown and round and I am sure he has never seen anyone that looks like me in entire life!

Help me Jesus I have fallen, and I cannot get up!!!!!

“I am Hwon of Joseon and my I ask what your name is?”

“Francesca but you can call me Frankie.” I squeak wondering how I can form a coherent thought let alone speak a sentence under the circumstances.

“Frankie, what an odd name."

'It certainly matches the odd woman standing before me.”

He says taking one of my braids and rubbing it between his fingers and lifting it to his nose to smell it looking me dead in my eyes.

He closes his eyes and sighs gently laying it back on my shoulder.

“Odd indeed.” He says a smile blooming across his face.

He clears his throat and stands straighter.

“You have given the ladies here quite a fright.”

“Oh?” I say not being able to think of anything else to say.

“Yes, you have been sound asleep for twelve days straight, not stirring once."

"If my royal physicians were not attending to you day and night, I would have said you were surely dead.”

“Twelve days!?” I screamed.

"TWELVE WHOLE DAYS?!!" I repeat quieter this time.

"You mean to tell me I have asleep for twelve freaking days?!" I ask incredulously.

He smiles so large it threatened to split his face in half.

I gasp again looking at that face and that smile, and it is like I am looking at Ho-Jin!

“Yes, twelve whole days you were freaking asleep." He copied my phrase and I cringed.

God, I sound so crass!

"You obviously are not a citizen of Joseon how is it that speak our language as if it is your native tongue?” He asks raising his eyebrows in question

“I have been studying it for over ten years.” I say.

It is not a lie I began learning my junior of high school.

“Really?” He steps closer and I step back.

He grins again and my scalp starts tingling.

I feel sweat pooling in my armpits, and I groan.

I sweat when I am nervous, and he makes me super nervous!

If I do not figure out how I ended up here and how to get back to 2020 I am going to be in trouble!

Big, fat, humungous, gargantuan, corpulent TROUBLE!

Jesus take the wheel!!



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