Back to Reality

When Dreams Come
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Seoul Korea

Present Day



I wake up drenched in sweat to my phone ringing off the hook.

I look around confused as to where I am, I sit up shocked to see I am back in my hotel room.

"What in the world?" I snatch my phone answering it frantically.

"Hello hello!" 

"Frankie girl we have been calling you for hours! Where are you?" Julie says sounding concerned.

"What when I never even heard my phone ringing." 

I was still feeling loopy and dazed at this point was it all a dream?

Couldn't be I mean it felt so real! 

"Are you okay girl?" She asks again.

"Yeah yeah I am fine I guess I was just sleeping too hard I had the craziest dream of my life."

"Oh? What was it about?" 

"Joseon, evil Queen Dowagers and ladies in waiting."

She bursts out laughing and I join realizing how crazy it sounds.

"Girl sounds like you took the tour home with you, how was it anyway I need my Korean card revoked because I have never been there."

"Yeah Gyeongbokung is definately an experience to be seen."

I look at the clock and it says 6pm. 

What in the world?

"Ho-Jin said he talked to you this morning are we still on for tonight or are you too tired?"

"No no we are definately still on I can't wait to see you guys!"

"Good, well get your up we will be there in two hours!"

"Aye Aye captain."

We both laugh and end the call.

I plug my phone in to charge and see something sticking out of my bag.

I lift it up and several wooden yutnori game sticks fall out.

I gasp and jump out of the bed opening my bag to see what else is in there.

I dump all of the contents on my bed and go through everything throughly.

All I find are the beauty products I purchased and my normal items.

I pick up the wooden sticks and examine them.

What in the world? I knew it wasn't just a dream and this confirms it.

I was with King Lee Hwon Of Joseon in the year fourteen freaking twenty!

I rub the wooden pieces between my fingers and sigh there is no use worrying about it now.

I have all day tomorrow to ponder and try to figure out what happened and why me of all the people touring the grounds ended up back in time.

I take a quick glance at the clock it says it's 5 pm.

The tour was over at 3pm but I can't recall how I got back to my room!!

This is some freaky deaky type stuff I mean it! 

I clean up the room and make my bed spraying some of favorite linen mist all over everything.

I look at the clock it is now 5:45 pm.

I grab a pair of stretchy denim jeggings, a scooped neck black shirt, clean underwear and no show socks and throw them on the bed. 

I have exactly one hour and and fifteen minutes to get ready.

I run to the bathroom and brush my teeth and floss.

"Man where did I put my mouthwash?" I open the drawers and look around.

I decide to use the one they provided it looks like Listerine but it has Korean writing so I am not sure.

I gargle, swish then spit it out.

I look at the bottle, "Mmm not bad."

I quickly wash my face and neck and hop in the shower.

I wash from head to toe with my bodywash and towel.

I finish with an exfoliating scrub and glove to get in all the crevices real good.

I rinse off and hop out.

I slather my body in oil and hang up all my towels to allow it to dry some.

I put on my robe and sit at the vanity, when my oil nearly dry I slather on a rich body cream to seal in the moisture.

Hitting my knees, feet, ankles and heels really good because we can't be rusty, crusty or musty outchere.

I grab my clothes and get dressed then sitting back down at the vanity.

I put my braids into a messy top bun and spray myself with my favorite perfume.

I tone and moisturize my face and neck and put on chapstick.

Since we are just hanging out here I put on my favorite diamond stud earrings and necklace.

I take a look at myself in the mirror and grin.

I am definately not the chubby, braceface teenager they saw last.

Not that it matters I know they love me to death and that is all that matters.

I run into the living room and light candles and spray some air freshner.

I decide to watch one of favorite dramas to kill the time I have left before they arrive.



Ho-Jin is making me so nervous! His resemblance to Hwon is uncanny! I am convinced that it's no coincidence.

After finding the game pieces in my purse I am more convinced than ever that it was not a dream and I ha

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