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When Dreams Come
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I woke up in a pitch-black room.

I sat up and looked around confused.

I could not see a thing it was so dark.

"Whew chile, that is the craziest dream you have ever had."

“And what pray tell did you dream about that has kept you asleep for seven days straight?”

I hear his voice and me heart drops to my feet.

I sit up and look around trying to focus on my surroundings.

I pull the blanket to my neck and peek to see where his voice is coming from.

“Do not worry your pretty little head I would never force myself on an unwilling woman.”

I scoff irritated, “I never said you would.”

“That is correct you did not verbalize it, but your actions show your thoughts.” He replied.


“Pulling the blanket up to your neck, it’s not like I can see your body through your sleeping attire anyway.” He said sounding amused.

“Well excuse me for being afraid, you are a stranger, I have no idea where I am or how I got here and I how I will get home!” I shriek.

“Plus, it’s dark in here and you have an advantage over me and can take me unaware.”

I shut my eyes hard to keep the tears from falling but one escapes anyway.

“Hush now I have no desire to harm you my sweet.”

“My sweet?” I think to myself.

“How do you know I am crying? Where are you anyway? You can see me, but I cannot see you that is not fair stop watching me that is creepy dude.”

“Creepy dude? What does that mean? Your dialect fascinates me.

I kiss my teeth annoyed.

“Besides whoever said life is fair? But to make you feel better I will come out where you can see me.”

I snort, “You would be a weirdo.” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing please show yourself it makes me nervous that I can see you and you cannot see me.”

“As you wish.” I hear the rustling of his clothing and see a light come on behind the wall next to me.

I see the light get closer and he appears from behind a wall.

What in the secret trapped door panic room kinda mess is this?

He walks closer and I stand up watching him approach.

My breath catches in my throat could there be a more gorgeous man alive.

He is literally perfection in the flesh.

I watch him warily as he sits the candle down on the small table next to my pallet bed.

I scoff becoming annoyed that I am attracted to him.

I roll my eyes at my thoughts; girl get your mind right!

You are stuck in the Joseon kingdom and you’re probably the first and only person of color in this world at the moment you do not have time to be getting butterflies and weak in the knees behind this man.

He has your life in his hands literally!

Sobered by that thought alone I shake my head and watch him like a hawk.

“Where did you come from you appeared here almost instantly.” I say.

“Let me show you.” He says walking to the wall.

He moves a beautiful picture to the side it folds over like an accordion and I see it is actually an elaborate patrician.

I gasp as I see a small door behind it.

He opens the door, takes my hand, and pulls me into the room where we first met.

“Where am I?” I ask looking around.

“You don’t remember this room? It is the same room you were in when we first met.

I roll my eyes, “I know that what I meant is whose room is this?”

“Is this the maid’s residence?”

“Of course, not this is my bedroom chamber, you are in my personal palace.”

“What?” I scream looking around startled as to why I am in his bedroom.

“Did you say I have been sleeping in your bedroom this whole time?”

“Yes, I did, now come and have your morning meal.”

“But wait why was in your bedroom?” I say again putting the emphasis on the word your.

“Well it is the room typically used for the royal noble consort but since I have not taken one it’s yours.”

“Wait what?” I began stuttering.

“What are you saying? I am your concubine? Says who?” I scream

He chuckles “Yes you’re not pleased?

“Pleased? Why would I be pleased that is nothing but a glorified .” I hiss

“And besides taking a woman against her will is considered trafficking and .”

“ trafficking? I have never heard of this term before and as for the part, as I told you earlier my sweet, I would never force myself on an unwilling woman under any circumstances.

“And I beg to differ to be chosen as the royal noble consort is an honor and most women would kill to be that position, they are considered apart of the royal family and treated as such.

“Until you take a bride, then they are cast aside and any children you have with them will never be truly acknowledged or given their rightful title, I’ll pass.” I say.

“Besides as soon as I figure out how to get home, I am outta Joseon.”

He chuckled again his eyes twinkling with mirth.

“Oh no you are mistaken; I would never cast a woman like you aside and any woman I take as my queen would understand that.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

He laughs loudly.

“I like you; you have spunk and that excites me greatly.” He says leaning in close to me and caressing my face smiling like a ert.

I lean all the way back to avoid his touch.

Why am I creeped out and excited at the same time!?

I mean I am scared but so intrigued.

It is official I need Jesus and I need him every hour!

“Are you hungry sweet one? Do you want to eat first or take your bath?”

He asks looking over my face.

“I could eat.” I croak out.

“Your food will be here first, and a bath will be brought in for you shortly.”

“I am sure you need one after sleeping for seven days straight.”

He says turning and walking out of the room.

“What are you trying to say?” I yell at his back as he walks out.

I sniff my pits to be sure.

I roll my eyes why do I even care what he thinks anyway?

I take a deep breath and try to process everything that is happening to me right now.

“It seems I am really stuck six hundred years in the past, and it is not a dream.”

“Where is my purse anyway?” I look around the room for it while he is gone.

“If what he says is correct, I have been asleep for nearly three weeks and it could be anywhere.

I begin to panic my whole life is in that bag.

My wallet, identification, passport, keys, tablet, sketchbook, phone I mean everything!!!

“Focus girl, it’s not like you can use the phone here anyway!”

But my toiletry bag is in there an

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