Chapter 1

Chenle & Mark: Not a Love Story

Year 2021 @ KAIST University


"Chenle hurry up! The party's starting," Jisung's voice echoed inside his and Chenle's dorm room in KAIST University.


They are in their senior year taking up a course related to technology. And as a tradition in the university, a party is held for all graduating seniors. It's mandatory to attend so even if Chenle is really not a party person, while Jisung is, he has to go.


"Jisung! Jisung! Wait up. Why are walking so fast? Are you that excited to get some free booze?" Chenle shouted at the taller while heading to the venue.


"Yes I am, Chenle. And don't tell me you are not excited to see your crush Lesa," Chenle eyed Jisung like he was ready to throw him under the bus for saying the name.


"I told you that crush was only one-time Jisung. One time, okay. She's my rival. Always have always will."


"Whatever you say Chenle." Jisung winked at his best friend which resulted in Chenle hitting Jisung hard jokingly.


The two finally arrived at the party venue. To say that it was chaotic already was an understatement. Booze was on every single table. Food was scattered even on the floor. Some of their batch mates were already walking unsteadily despite the party only started for less than an hour.


"Are these people booze deprived?" Jisung shook his head while getting himself a bottle.


"Not everyone's fridge is full of bottles of beer and vodka all the time, Jisung."


"Haha yeah, only our fridge is the best one." Jisung laughed while giving his best friend a bottle of beer too. "Oh look! Your 'rival' seems to be good at drinking," he added.


Chenle looked in the direction of Jisung's eyes. There he saw Lesa holding a bottle of beer while laughing with her friends. Chenle couldn't seem to remove his gaze away from her. He observed her from head to toe. He was shocked to see Lesa in such an outfit. She was wearing a sleeveless red dress whose length falls just above her knees. It fits the girl in all the right places. She seemed to have curled her hair for the party too. Her whole face is just too beautiful that night especially her red lips that continuously touch the bottle with her every drink.


Chenle was in a trance until Jisung slapped him hard on the head with his hand, "Ouch! Jisung what was that for?"


"I've been asking you if you want to dance but it seemed like you were in a trance."


"No I wasn't!" Chenle defended.


"Oh yes you are Mr. Zhong. You've been staring at Lesa if you haven't noticed."


"Shut up! Come on let's just dance," the two boys went to the dance floor and joined their other classmates.


The night went on with all the graduating students just dancing, drinking, laughing, and letting themselves loose before their much-awaited graduation coming in a month.


"Jisung, I'll just go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a sec," Chenle told his best friend after downing on his 10th bottle for the night. That was the most alcohol he ever drank in his entire college life. His head was already spinning but he still managed to open a door and into a dark room that's highly likely not the bathroom.


The next thing Chenle knows is that a pair of hands grabbed him on the neck and started kissing him passionately. The pair of lips tasted like peaches and he loves peaches. In a second, his urge to go to the bathroom was replaced with lust.


He deepened the kiss. The other person doesn't seem to mind the sloppiness at all and continued the rhythm with Chenle. The next thing they know, they were stripped down from their clothing. Moans and heavy breaths echoed throughout the darkroom.


When they were down from their highs, Chenle asked the other person, "was it good?"


The girl replied, "Yeah, more than good." The two did another round, and another round, and another round until both of them got exhausted.


Jisung kept looking around for signs of his best friend who he knows just went to the bathroom. He looked in all the bathrooms but Chenle wasn't inside of any. While passing by a room, he heard some weird noises coming from inside.


"What the heck? Are those moans?" Curiosity got the best of him and so he stayed for a while completely pausing at his search for his best friend.


The more Jisung listened, the more he's recognizing the voice behind the closed door. His heart beat faster. His palms got sweatier than it already is. He doesn't know why he suddenly got nervous. Then the door opened slightly and Jisung quickly hid.


He saw a girl dressed in red come out of the room. "Lesa?" Jisung was shocked.


But the person who came out next shocked him even more. "and Chenle?"


"What the hell?" Were the only words that came out from Jisung's mouth after.

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