Chapter 15

Chenle & Mark: Not a Love Story

A month has passed by quickly.


Announcements by NC Technology were made here and there because of the many changes in the company’s upcoming project and its merging with LSM Technology, Mark's startup. NCT Technology's stock is back to its regular high rate.


“Dad” Mark called Chenle. They are in their large office waiting to be called for the day’s event.


“Yes son?” Chenle went closer to Mark and caressed his son’s hair lightly.


“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I don’t have any problems working under you. Are you sure you want to make me a CEO too?”


“Remember that interview you had with me and Jisung where you answered that you would rather be a CEO than another executive?” Mark embarrassingly nodded.


“Even then, I had no doubts that you are capable of being one, Mark. Besides, you have me and Jisung alongside. Three heads are better than one, isn’t it?”


Mark agreed and he hugged his father tightly and muttered, “Thanks Dad. You’re the best.”


Jisung was on the other side of the room, fondly looking at the two men hugging each other tightly like there’s no tomorrow.


“Jisung!” Chenle called. “Come here and join us.”


“What? No! I don’t want to join your ‘father & son’ hug moment.”


“Oh come one. I know you want to,” Chenle teased.


“I do not!” Jisung barked at him.


“Yes you do,” Chenle and Mark walked towards him and started engulfing him into both their arms. Jisung was aggressively freeing himself from their trap when the secretary entered and told them that their press conference and signing of merge papers is about to start. The three fixed their suits and headed to the door.


“We are not yet done with you Jisung.” Chenle and Mark both smirked at Jisung while the tallest pulled out his tongue at the two with an annoyed expression.


“Everyone, please welcome Mr. Chenle Zhong, Mr. Jisung Park, and Mr. Mark Lee.”


The event started first with the press conference. The three received a number of questions from the reporters present. They also got some questions that were commented on on their company’s social media account. Most of the questions were business-related while some, like the one that Mark got, were a bit too personal. Chenle asked for the question to be skipped as it might be uncomfortable to Mark but the latter assured his father that he’s okay with it and he proceeded to answer.


“Mr. Lee, what does it feel to jump from being an employee then a traitor then now the son of NC Technology’s CEO? Your life sounded like a drama plot.”


“You perfectly summed up how I would tell my own story of finding my father. Thank you for that,” Mark’s comment earned a laugh from the people in the room.


“Well, to answer your question. It still feels surreal to me how my life turned 360 in less than a year. Before I was just anxiously waiting for my phone to receive a call from NCT after Mr. Zhong and Mr. Park interviewed me. But now, here I am in front of you all sitting alongside the two best leaders I’ve ever met in my life. I know I have done some pretty stupid things before and I am sincerely apologetic for all that and these two understanding men beside me know that perfectly well. You are right when you said that my life sounded like a drama plot. If I may say so myself, the genre is more on the angsty side. However, that genre is all in the past and I am very much happy and satisfied where I am now. Thank you.”


Mark’s answer received applause from people in the room. There were even a few who got teary-eyed.


After the press conference part, the merge signing immediately followed. The three men in suits all left their signature on the documents in front of them.


“Congratulations to the merging of NC Technology and LSM Technology. The newly merged company will be now called WangMori Technology. May I please pass the microphone to Mr. Chenle Zhong for his final announcement?”


“Thank you very much,” Chenle nodded towards the host. “Before we end this legendary event, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that WangMori Technology decided to not have one, not two, but three CEOs. The three CEOs of WangMori Technology are now in front of all of you. I, Chenle Zhong.”


“I, Jisung Park,”


“And I, Mark Lee.”


Chenle went beside Mark and on cue the three of them bowed 90-degrees to the press and the whole of China and the world who are watching their live stream. The whole room was filled with cheers and applause

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