Chapter 14

Chenle & Mark: Not a Love Story

“DNA test?” Mark has loads of questions in his head at the moment but Chenle and Jisung patiently explained to him everything – from how they discovered about his plan up to the part that Chenle might be his long-lost father.


“You? My possible father?” Mark was lost for words.


“Highly likely but still not 100% sure. That’s why I am asking if you would like to come with me for a DNA test?”


“What happens if the test proves that you are my father?”


“Do you want to live with me? If you want then we can do that. We’ll let your mom know and ~”


“My mom’s dead already. She died last year.” Words couldn’t find its way out of Chenle’s mouth. Mark proceeded to ask his next question, “what happens if the test proves otherwise then?”


“Lesa’s dead?” Mark nodded while still waiting for Chenle to answer his previous question.


“Chenle,” Jisung patted his best friend for some comfort with one hand while the other patted Mark.


“Mark has been living on his own since last year? With his mom died and his father unknown the…” he looked at the boy with a gentle gaze and answered, “if the test proves negative, can I adopt you instead?”



It has been 2 days since Chenle and Mark took the DNA test. They are now in the waiting room of the hospital feeling anxious about what the result could be.


Jisung was sitting beside Chenle. He could feel his best friend’s body trembling. He gathered some courage to grab his best friend’s hand and intertwine their fingers. Chenle looked up to him in confusion, “what are you doing?”


“Just let me hold your hand okay. You’re trembling.” Jisung gave him a soft smile that surprisingly made Chenle’s heart skip a beat.


“Fine,” Chenle muttered softly under his breath.


Mark kept on playing with his fingers. He’s getting more and more anxious as seconds pass by. Chenle noticed it and offered his unoccupied hand for Mark to hold, “would you like some hand to hold on to?” Mark accepted his offer and placed his palm over Chenle’s. That’s when Mark noticed Jisung and Chenle’s fingers were intertwined.


A few minutes later a nurse approached. The three stood, hands still together, ready to walk towards the room the nurse was gesturing to, “Uhmm sorry but only the patients are allowed inside the room.”


Chenle released his hand from Jisung’s gently, “we’ll be back.” Jisung returned to his seat with a heavy sigh.


“Your results are out Mr. Zhong and Mr. Lee.” Chenle grabbed Mark’s other free hand because of nervousness. The doctor continued, “congratulations, father and son.” The doctor handed them the test results with a large note saying ‘positive match’.


Chenle couldn’t hide his happiness. He engulfed Mark in a tight hug while repeatedly saying, “my son. My son.” Mark’s eyes were now streaming with tears of joy. For the first time in forever, he’s hugging his own father.


The two returned to Jisung with a shift in expression. Chenle was holding the test results in one hand while grabbing on to Mark’s hand on the other. Both their eyes were quite red. Jisung stood hurriedly and guided them towards the couch in the waiting room.


“So?” The nervousness can be painted on Jisung’s face. Chenle shook his head as if he was saying ‘no’. Upon seeing it, Jisung hugged Chenle tightly while rubbing his back for comfort before saying, “that’s okay. That’s okay. We can…We can just figure out how can adopt Mark instead.” He pulled away from the hug, looked at Mark for confirmation, “right Mark?”


Silence. Chenle showed him the test results. Jisung can barely see the text because of the tears already forming in his eyes.


When Chenle realized Jisung’s difficulty, he finally relayed the news, “Jisung. I would like you to meet my son Mark.”


Jisung looked up to them already crying from shock. “What?”


Chenle repeated himself, “I said Mark is my son.” Jisung covered his mouth from screaming. Chenle hugged him tight but gentle. “I am a father Jisung. My dream of becoming a father has finally come true.”

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