What happens when the handsome and gentleman Happy Virus of EXO crosses path with a simple yet beautiful and fierce MMA Fighter? Will it be a perfect combination? 


Maybe….this is not the first time

Maybe….we will meet again

Maybe….it will be longer

Maybe….just maybe….we could also be together




Maybe….I got it wrong

Maybe….none of those happened

Maybe….it was all in my head

Maybe….just maybe….I was just dreaming to begin with



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First of all, I was not expecting myself to ship Chanyeol with anyone in Roommate. Not because I’m being overprotective of the females there cos you know how some fans react when one of the members get involved with any female, right. And it’s not also because I’m being selfish over Chanyeol. As if I have the right too in the first place. The reason was because I was just too focused on Chanyeol alone that I honestly didn’t mind the rest of the cast in the beginning. It was only after the 3rd episode that I took notice of all the others because Seho and Dongwook doing the “Love is an Open Door” parody is so hilarious. I thought, maybe this show to me wouldn’t be just about Chanyeol only. And indeed I was right. =)))


I’m not familiar with any of the female roommates’ personality and so it’s like start from scratch for me. Among them, I only know Bom and Nana as KPOP idols and that was it. But as I watch the next episodes, I realized that I was starting to like Gayeon’s personality the most. She may be the youngest in the group but she doesn’t want to act like one. She’s timid, yes, but she makes sure that she’s not a burden to anyone in the house.


It was after Episode 5 that I realized I was leaning towards Chanyeol x Gayeon more (I used to like Minwoo with Gayeon but it only lasted for a half-and-half episode). Before the scene when Chanyeol, Minwoo and Gayeon were in the kitchen cooking, I still had Minwoo x Gayeon feels but as I watch the three interact, I was surprised to sense more chemistry between Chanyeol and Gayeon for some unknown reason. Starting from there, I’ve noticed how Chanyeol is becoming caring towards her, like an older brother to his younger sister and at the same time like how a boyfriend will treat his girlfriend.


Chanyeol’s personality is quite different from that of Gayeon. Chanyeol is bubbly, confident, careful, romantic, and a true mood-maker. While as Gayeon is timid, brutally honest (she’s not a good liar), not into romantic stuff and somewhat just goes with the flow. Their personalities complement each other so well that whenever they are together, they just have that same wavelength. Their personalities don’t clash unlike with some who happen to be as bubbly as Chanyeol or as honest as Gayeon.


To be honest though, I don’t exactly know how I wanted these two to end up. All I know for now is that I love seeing them together and that I want them to become closer and be good friends first. Whether they’ll end up platonically-in-love or romantically-in-love, let fate decide on that. =)))


I think I'm talking to much now. Hahaha. And to end this long spazz of mine, here’s a ChanYeon/GaYeol video I made using (almost) all their interactions during the show (From Episode 4 – Episode 12) since they only had a few. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much I enjoyed making it. 

Chanyeol & Gayeon | Some


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