Chenle & Mark: Not a Love Story

Six months have passed after the creation of WangMori Technology. Everything in the company was running smoothly. Their employees are getting compensated much better than they could have ever. They've never been happier with how they are being treated now.


The three CEOs work so perfectly well together. Each of them is in charge of different areas in the company. Chenle is in charge of the overall operations of the company since he knows it best. Jisung is in charge of anything related to their human resources since he’s the most sociable among the three. Lastly, Mark is in charge of anything related to innovations and new projects.


They had their office space renovated too. They took down all walls that used to divide the huge room. In the new arrangement, the middle part belongs to Chenle. On his right is his best friend, Jisung's while on his left is his son, Mark's. They preferred this open space so they can easily talk to each other without having to move from one room to another. They feel less restricted and much more efficient this way. They have a separate room for meeting purposes.


Every lunch break, the three of them eat together in their shared space in the huge office room. It was evident that the three of them enjoy each other’s company both at work and personal.


One lunch break. Jisung had to leave Chenle and Mark alone as he had to meet with a client outside the office.


“Dad,” Mark called.


“Yes, son?”


“Did you love Mom?” Chenle was taken aback by the question. But he still answered it as honestly as he can.


“Yeah. I did love your mother but I never told her that because I was stupid back then. I was supposed to look for her to confess when NCT became Top 1 but I chickened out.”


“Alright. But if she’s still alive now and this whole thing happened, would you tell her that you loved her? I mean, will there be a chance that the two of you will be together eventually if ever?”


Chenle hesitated for a second before answering. “Oh, Mark. Your mother is a great great woman. Anybody would be luck to have her. But if I'll be honest, I really don’t know now if we would want to be together, should she still be alive. I really am not sure.”


“Why are you not sure?”


“Well. Because –“ their conversation got cut when Jisung entered the room holding 3 pieces of ice cream cups.

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