Brown Eyes


Will a long distance friendship work especially in a situation wherein one is on the top while the other has her feet flat on the floor? Can this friendship turn into something that neither of them planned in the first place? 


Remember the first day when I saw your face?

Remember the first day when you smiled at me?

You stepped to me and then you said to me

I was the man you have dreamed about




My first five-shot song-fic. :D This has been sitting around my laptop for a month or so already. But I decided to post it just now. Why? I don't know also. Haha. The song I used in this fanfic is Brown Eyes by Destiny's Child. I originally planned for this to be a two-shot only. But inspiration kept on flowing that's why it ended up to be a five-shot instead. Hope you don't mind that at all. Haha. 

The lyrics will be color-coded. Purple will be used for the chapters with Xing's while pink will be used for Xiao Ai's (OC). I changed some of the lyrics in order to fit the flow of the story. I hope it's not much of a big deal. :D 

Well, thank you in advance for showing some interest in this story. I hope you'll like it. :D 

And also, I would like to take this opportunity to promote my on-going fic starring (nuks!) our very own baozi, Kim Minseok. It's entitled 30 DAYS. Hope it'll interest you as well. Thank you! 


Please enjoy and once again thank you!




Disclaimer: All the characters, background songs, videos and pictures (if applicable) used in this fanfic are not owned by the author unless otherwise stated. If this story happens to be similar to that of others, rest assured that it’s purely a coincidence unless stated that it was inspired by such story.

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