Adieu Été (Goodbye Summer)


Goodbye Summer by f(x) feat. D.O. of EXO



친구라는 이름
어느새 미워진 이름
감추던 감정은
지금도 아픈 비밀의 기억일 뿐
우리 사인 정리할 수 없는 사진
보면 가슴 아린 Story, I’m sorry
여름아 이젠 Goodbye



Chinguraneun Ireum
Eoneusae miwojin Ireum
Gamchu deon gamjeongeun
Jigeumdo apeun bimirui gieogil ppun
Uri sain jeongrihal su eobtneun sajin
Bomyeon gaseum arin Story, I’m sorry
Yeoreuma ijen Goodbye



The friend label is a label that I got to hate
The feelings I’ve hidden still remain as a painful secret memory
The photos that can’t define our relationship is a heartbreaking story
I’m sorry, summer, now goodbye,



DISCLAIMER: All the characters, background songs, videos and pictures (if applicable) used in this fanfic are not owned by the author unless otherwise stated. If this story happens to be similar to that of others, rest assured that it¡¯s purely a coincidence unless stated that it was inspired by such story.


My second GaYeol/ChanYeon story! Yehet! I actually have been keeping this since the day I completed the other story, Maybe. Sorry if ever I made you guys wait for another one. *peace y'all* 

This is going to be a really short fic that's written in Gayeon's POV. The chapters won't even reach 10 but I promise to give you all the best feels in every update. And also, I'll tell you guys a secret (well it's not anymore because I'm saying it publicly already. hahaha)...but...the whole story actually happened in real life. I may have changed some details though to make the story seem more fanfic-y (LOL). But the whole idea did take place in actuality.

Behold (BWAHAHA), I'm taking you into my closest friend's most memorable summers ever. *winks* I'm not a writer (not even an inch of it) so I don't really care if I'm breaking some writing rules here of some sort (HAHAHA). I just wanted to share to you guys the beautiful memories this person had (with my close friend's consent, of course). =)) Ok, I will stop now because I might ruin the plot for everyone. Haha. *bows in apology* But I will leave you though with one question, which you'll find out the answer to SOON.....


Did my close friend fall in love with the other person? 






[141213] Updated with the final chapter! Thank you to all the readers of this story. You guys made this possible. Thank you so much! I hope you liked it.
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