9. Speech

Never Wrong, Different Right
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9 Speech 



Chanyeol then went on to speak about his plans for the company, which were all good. He then invited Mrs Choi to say a few words, which she did. That was an emotional moment; giving twenty-five years of her life, she had single-handedly grown, Ace Advertising Agency from her living room into an organisation, of over two hundred employees. At the end, she received a prolonged, thunderous applause.


Chanyeol again took over. ‘I would request the department heads to stay back. Everyone else can kindly resume his or her work. One more thing – next week, we will start a cafeteria for the  employees. Food and beverages will be provided to the employees at no cost to them.’


That announcement got loud hoots. Free food is the best – like free from any threats of pregnancy, STDs and HIV. Within minutes, the numbers dwindled to a handful.


‘Listen Joohyun, I am leaving. Just fill me in later about whatever is discussed here.’ Seulgi tripped over some chairs while making a hasty beeline for the door. Her movement was noticed. Chanyeol glanced sharply at Yeojong, she got off the dais hurrying after the younger girl.


‘Ms Kang! Ms Kang! Seulgi, please stop!’ Already outside the hall,  Seulgi reluctantly pausd. Still not turning around, she inquired of the PA, ‘What’s up?’


‘All department heads have to be in there.’ Seulgi turned to face the older woman.


Hustling her most imperious tone, she said, ‘My counterpart, Ms Joohyun is in there, so I thought...’


Yeojong cut her off, ‘All department heads have  to be in there. Please follow me.’


Bandit Queen, where’s your gun, Seulgi stewed. She headed for the conference room, muttering a churlish, ‘Fine!’


The assembled, including Chanyeol and his group, along with the department heads, sat in a circle. Head bowed, Seulgi stiffly slid in the empty chair next to Joohyun. She peeked up to flash a strained smile at her colleagues. Super canary ! Opposite her, barely a couple of feet away, sat Chanyeol. His veiled eyes fixed on her. Within seconds, a familiar colour hovered on Seulgi’s cheeks.


Chanyeol looked away. ‘Please introduce yourselves, your departments, and the number of open projects, giving a very brief status update,’ he requested.


Seulgi, promptly,  opening  her  no

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