Never Wrong, Different Right

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What does a woman want? Jewelry? Nope. ? Maybe. Money? Yes but nowadays her own... Hmm, so what does today's woman really, really deep, deep down wants? Still your hearts and hold your breath.




The story of Kang Seulgi. Her spirit is undefeatable, she mocks certain death (Park Chanyeol) and suffers stoically for love (Park Chanyeol, again Go figure!) Her accomplice in all escapades is Bae Joohyun -- that one friend we all refer to as BFF.

This book begins at a point where all love stories end. Dripping with humour and romance, it encases a young woman's thoughts on the society she survives in.




I'm never Wrong, just different levels of Right.


‘Seulgi, did you hear? Park Chanyeol is coming to town!’ 

Let me rephrase – my life and me are now officially and royally screwed! Seulgi panicked. 

The pencil slid from her hand, clattering onto the patterned mosaic floor. Immediately bending to retrieve it, Seulgi let her long, black locks hide her distressed face – just enough time to reboot her  expression. 

‘The international success story, is actually going to breathe the same air... as us?’ Jaehyun droned, strolling in behind Yerim.


'Why is he coming back?’ Joohyun grilled, honing straight to the point.

Sighing, Seulgi said, ‘No clue Joohyun! Just hope he’s forgotten all that happened between us.’

Joohyun’s rude bark of laughter said it all, yet she voiced, ‘I doubt Chanyeol will ever forget.' 




Hello readers! Call me Lia (no author or authornim please it makes me feel old which I'm not.) I would love/appreciate if one kind soul could make me a poster for this story. (because i am terrible in making one) Do know that the idea is not mine I'm just writing this story. 

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Hello! I'm starting this again. And super determine to complete it this time. Hope you're still waiting and want to read more about Chanyeol-Seulgi, their past and future.


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candypark #1
Chapter 9: Hii! just want you to know the story is fun and I love your writing too. But, in the beginning chapter there were mistakes in name I noticed hehe. Sometimes you forgot to replace the previous name (idk maybe you wrote the story with different name first). Anyway, I kinda like lover-to-enemy-to lover trope lol. Hope you still think about this story and continue writing it. Keep it up!
candypark #2
Chapter 3: this is interestingg! why does I just found it by now T_T
minhoyyuri24 #3
Chapter 6: Please update!!! ❤️❤️