It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Meet Me Halfway
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The nurse tries to cut off a rambling Wendy, as she demands to be told where Seo Soojin was and why she had been admitted into the hospital in the first place. Irene tries her best to calm her fiancé down, but she had the rest of the gang to mediate before they all got kicked out of the hospital. 


“She can’t be here. Soojin—,” 


“Ma’am,” the nurse exerts more force, causing Wendy to finally stop talking. 


“It’s Dr. Son.” Wendy says firmly. 


“D-Dr. Son.” The nurse corrects, “i-it says that Seo Soojin was admitted here on suicide watch.” 


Wendy’s eyes widened, and she turned to look at the rest of Soojin’s guardians who wore the same surprised look on their faces. 


“Suicide watch?!” They all said in unison. 


The nurse looks at them, wide eyed, and overwhelmed with the amount of bodies that she had to tend to. 


“Y-Yes,” the nurse looked down at the forms in front of her, “the ambulance was called when someone saw her hunched over the railings of a bridge. They think she was trying to jump.” 


Wendy blinks in confusion, “that doesn’t sound right. She wouldn’t do that.” 


“She hasn’t spoken at all since she’s been admitted, and even when the paramedics picked her up.” The nurse says. 


With furrowed eyebrows, Wendy shakes her head. “Is she awake and conscious right now?” Being in this environment, Soojin would definitely not handle it well. 


“Yes, she’s been awake and conscious. No signs of trauma on her body, no cuts, nothing. But she does appear to be in shock, and kind of spooked.” The nurse says with an empathetic look on her face. 


“Let me see her.” 


The nurse looks around the room, “s-sure, b-but I can’t let everyone in.” 


Wendy turns again, and Irene lays a hand on her shoulder. “You should go in.” 


She nods, “okay. Someone call Yeh Shuhua over here, please. Immediately. And who’s with Yoon and Jae?” 


“I asked Jungkook and Yeri to stay with them, but they should be in bed by now.” Irene assures her fiancé, seeing the evident stress on her face. “Go to her, baby. Make sure she’s okay.” 


When Wendy’s led into the room that Soojin was in by the nurse, no one was on the bed. Instead, Soojin was sitting in the corner of the room, knees to her chest, eyes blankly staring ahead, and hands clutched onto something. 


Wendy almost cried then and there. She didn’t know the situation, but seeing Soojin like that was heartbreaking. 


“I-I…” Before Wendy enters the room, she turns towards the nurse, “I need some sort of ear plugs. Or earphones. Anything that can block the outside noise.” 


The nurse blinks, “o-okay.” 


The nurse scurries away in search of what she was told to find. Wendy slowly enters the room, closing the door behind her until it was just the two of them in the silence. 


“Jin,” Wendy calls for her softly, “it’s me. It’s Wendy.” 


Soojin doesn’t respond, not even sparing her a glance, only tightening her grip. Wendy furrows her eyebrows with extreme concern. She looks down at Soojin’s hands and sees three lollipops in her death grip. 


“Soojin,” Wendy sits right in front of Soojin, copying her position on the floor. Wendy meets her blank gaze, reaching out to cradle her face. “Sweetheart, tell me what’s wrong, hm?” Her own voice wavers. 


Soojin finally blinks, and Wendy sees the exact moment the younger woman has finally come to her senses, and when the panic starts to sink in. 


“Hey, hey,” Wendy firmly holds Soojin’s gaze, as the younger woman’s breathing grows shallower. “You’re safe, Jin. We’ll get you home as soon as possible.” 


Wendy cradles Soojin’s face, blocking Soojin’s vision from focusing on the plain white walls of the hospital and from the faint sound of chaos outside that door. Soojin still can’t find the words, but one of her hands unravels to reach for Wendy, clutching onto her desperately like she was about to fall into an endless black hole. 


“Can you tell me what happened?” Wendy at least tries. She knows it wasn’t the best decision to keep Soojin in the hospital where it just caused her sheer panic and trauma, but there were still protocols. If it were true that Soojin did try to take her own life like the nurse had said, then that was another problem to handle. 


Soojin only breathes heavily, shaking her head with subtlety. 


“Okay, okay.” Wendy coos, bringing Soojin’s head to her chest, hugging her comfortingly. 


“Dr. Son,” the nurse comes back into the room with familiar headphones in her hands. Wendy assumed Shuhua was finally here and had brought it per request from whoever had called her over. 


Wendy immediately put the noise canceling headphones over Soojin’s ears. She asks the nurse to call for a Yeh Shuhua to come into the room, so that she could slip away and get more information about the situation. 


Shuhua comes in as calm and collected as she could force herself into being. The moment she meets Wendy’s gaze, she nods, understanding what the older woman was asking of her. 


Shuhua kneels next to them and calls for Soojin even though she knows her girlfriend couldn’t hear her. Wendy unwinds from Soojin reluctantly, letting Shuhua take control and quietly slipping out of the room. 


Soojin breaks down upon seeing Shuhua, like her safety guards around her heart completely vanished. 


Shuhua immediately envelops her into a tight hug, her own tears blurring her vision. “It’s not true. You wouldn’t try to leave me, right, my love?” 


“H-He—,” Soojin tries to say, “I couldn’t hold on—, h-he—,” hands push abruptly against Shuhua, and Soojin throws the lollipops in her hands over Shuhua’s head, crashing against the white wall across the room. 


“J-Jin,” Shuhua turns to see what had been thrown, before looking at the older woman in confusion. 


“I need to get out!” Soojin stands, throwing the headphones off of her ears to the floor. 


“Soojin, look at me, please. Breathe.” Shuhua tries to reach for Soojin’s arm, but the older woman pulls away from her touch. It stung like sharp edges against her heart. 


“Don’t tell me to breathe!” Soojin’s voice rises with anger, “I can’t—,” a sob breaks from her, the back of her hand raising to cover as she cries. “I can’t breathe! It hurts to breathe!”


Shuhua inhales shakily, as she watches the love of her life fall apart for a reason she doesn’t know. “What happened, Jin? Tell me what’s wrong.” 


“Everything!” Soojin throws her hands up in the air, “everything is wrong! This whole ing world is ed up!” 


Soojin turns towards the door, and tries to leave, but it doesn’t budge. She wiggles the handle of the door with growing frustration until she starts kicking the white door, slamming her fists against it. 


“Let me out!” 


Shuhua wraps her arms around Soojin’s middle and arms, stopping her from hurting herself. “Soojin, baby, please stop. We’ll get you out, okay? Just wait a little bit longer.” 


Soojin struggles against her, still kicking at the door as she sobs and screams uncontrollably. 


Shuhua steps away from the door, bringi

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soojinsbxby #1
Please update 😭😭😭😭😭 I read the whole fic in two days
chibss #2
jin_jincherry #3
Chapter 39: I remember this fic today and I really missed it :( is still one of my favs
1181 streak #4
Chapter 1: Reading this and Keenan Te at the same time is a perfect combination 👌
Chapter 39: I'm speechless. My heart mourns for Shuhua and Soojin. Suicide is a very sensitive topic. It takes courage and a mindful heart to even talk about it. This is not a typical fanfiction. Meet Me Halfway paints the real world, real life, real battle a lof of us face. I'm here to stick til the end.

You touch hearts and souls, author. Please continue writing this way, ur genuine way of telling stories. I can't remember the last time a fanfiction was able to bring out so much emotions from my chest that I thought I didn't have in me.

You're awesome. Happy holidays to you too.
Chapter 39: That was one very selfish decision he did, and too cruel too. And I understand why Soo's acting that way. I hope Soojin doesn't isolate herself completely again, I hope she gets through this with Shu and the gang's help. Thanks for the update Author! 💜🍒
Chapter 39: soojin is so damn stubborn they're a perfect fit alright 😭 but i get her if that's how she chooses to cope.. like to witness something as gruesome as suicide would've traumatized everyone else too. but to shut people out, especially shuhua is really getting out of hand. she has to deal with it sooner or later :(
Chapter 39: Soo is one damn stubborn but i understand where she came from
Chapter 38: Soojin hoping nothing more from you sir. You being alive is enough for her. The bar so low but you get a shovel. You put so much burden and pain on her shoulders and as if it not enough, you really have to make her witnes you death. Horible is an understatement for a dad like you
Chapter 38: Her dad really thought its a good idea to s word infront of his kid like soojin have enough trauma already sir 💀