Because I'm Your Home || Seventeen One Shot Collection


A collection of short stories and AUs featuring members of the group Seventeen. 

Requests open for members/scenarios in the comment section of the main page.


Hello everyone! Thank you for clicking on this one-shot collection, your readership means the world to me! 

Before I let you dive into the collection, I'd like to just let you know that I will be taking requests for one-shots. You may request a member and/or a scenario you would like to see. You can either DM me or comment on this page (I would appreciate it if all requests would remain here because when the collection will grow I'm afraid I will lose them if they're on each chapter!).

I reserve the right to accept or decline requests, as I will not write overly violent scenes, ual assault of any kind, suicide, or any other subject matter that is uncomfortable to me or could be triggering for my audience. Should I one day want to write about those themes, I will make sure to put a trigger warning in both the title of the chapter and at the beginning of the chapter. If I ever write something that is triggering to you or you find it may be triggering to someone else and I haven't put any warnings, please let me know and I will put up all the necessary warnings or modify the content.

My goal with this Seventeen One-Shot Collection is to give readers an escape and a safe space where they can enjoy fun, romantic, and silly scenarios. 

Without further ado, please enjoy!



This collection is also posted on Wattpad under toskaya


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