Stop and Stare

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Becoming the target of malicious online comments time and again, famous Korean pop idol, Irene, had the wishful thinking that she would become numb to such attacks. However, she found herself wrong, utterly wrong. After getting embroiled in another vicious set-up and getting torn apart by the media and public, Irene sank into a whirlpool of desolated emotions. Yet, another individual would not permit her to drown, and would brave through all adversities selflessly to save her. That individual was her lover, Wendy.

As the couple attempt to navigate through this crisis, they realised that perhaps there is so much more to life than meets the eye. The simplest moments could perhaps be the sweetest.

“You people have no rights to vilify me without getting your facts checked. I am someone else’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s lover. I am human too and I have feelings, not just an object for people to be discussed about so carelessly.”


Hi all, this is the sequel to Drawn to You and another fic that coincides with that time of the year again - Christmas. Since Drawn to You, I have been wanting to write another sequel, one that details more about the emotional turmoil that an individual has to go through when being abused by the public. Of course, most of these are amalgamations of accounts that I have read and wish would not happen unto any artistes. Have been working on this on and off for a few months now and finally completed it

Also, this story is inspired by the "return to your roots" theme... you will know what I mean once you are done with the story... I hope... 

Sometimes, the simplest of happiness is within one's reach, if one would care to take a step back and recognise it. 

Times are difficult for many people in the world now and I hope we all have a measure of sensitivity to one another's struggles so... stay strong everyone and hope you will enjoy this story.

Estimated length: 22k post editing 

P/S I played the song "Stop and Stare" by One Republic while writing this

Credits to my love, Lara (shin-oppa) for this lovely poster with the subtle elements that corresponds to the title and for accepting this request even though you were so busy. I love you so so so much but you already know that, don't you? <3

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