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I'm an idiot (pls call me Lara tho, she/her) that likes doing graphics from time to time, pls support shinee and txt. if you want to request, click on request! above, if you want to see my old stuff, click on tumblr portfolio. I haven't done posters in like forever + I'm busy with real life but will try not to take more than 1 week for each poster! Would love if you could link back using the small banner so more people can find me and I get more requests (but it's not a must but please? :c) ❤ if you have any questions, hmu!
01. basic information
please only use the link above to request!! please comment once you've submitted the form, so i can confirm whether i want to do your poster or not. i reserve the right to deny the request if i feel i can't do it (it's so you don't end up with an ugly poster, not because there's something wrong with the form!!!). if something is missing or i need more information, i'll be bugging you under the comment. i don't operate on first come, first served since some requests might be easier to do than others but will try not to abuse this. please do not submit stories that deal with the following subjects: terminal illness/cancer, anything that romanticizes /other heavy subjects that should be treated properly (please ask if you're not sure), stories with ual content involving minors/underage idols, stories that use idols that have passed away as characters. i will deny these on spot. if you already have a poster, it's okay to ask for a new one from me as long as you respect the other designer's work. one request at a time! meaning if you already requested, please wait until i've done your poster to request again. there are no batches, but I might take breaks from time to time (closed) or temporarily disable the form while I catch up (will be marked as busy then).
02. picking up
please leave a comment once you've picked up the poster, so I can cross you off my list. if you want something redone on the poster, just tell me and we'll figure something out. if you changed your mind and want to cancel, you can do it at any point. if you don't like what you got, you can also inform me that you will not be using it and that's cool! keep it for as long as you want, idc 
03. credit
please don't claim my graphics as yours. credit is not necessary but it would be great since it gives me more exposure. if you don't know how to credit, ask and i'll help you out (but basically, just link back here so people can find me). i work for free, so this is my only reward u.u





accepted | done | picked up | picked up and credited


1. gingerdip | poster | done
2. LuHaNsDoll | poster, bg | done
3. MochiOppa | poster, bg | done
4. jaehyun97 | poster | done
5. yeahifellinlove | poster, bg | done
6. smoothies | poster, bg | done
7. jongnugget | poster | done
8. hamsterboo | poster, bg | done
9. Emilie- | poster, bg | done
10. kkaebseong-kun | poster, bg | done
11. Emilie- | poster, bg | done
12. smoothies | poster, bg | done
13. aobutans | poster, bg | done
14. kkaebseong-kun | poster, bg | done

15. sweetasimay | poster, bg | done
16. doperunway | poster | done
17. Sway10 | poster, bg | done
18. cinnamonhyun | poster, bg | done
19. BehindtheLense | poster, bg | in progress
20. choimiah | poster, bg | in progress





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