Moon: Winter Hearth Drabble Project

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Sometimes, less is more.

1. Warmth

2. Untainted

3. Ember

4. Strangers

5. Tribulations


Hi peeps, this is a drabble collection project amongst us Winter Hearths. It is actually a 5-day writing challenge with us writing a drabble for 5 consecutive days and it has been concluded as a success :D Will be posting a drabble once every two days. 

As per the description, sometimes less is more. Hopefully the drabbles will leave you room for more imagination (because honestly, we have too many story plotlines to write and drabbles are easier to do)

Look forward to any subs, comments and upvotes. 


Thank you ambrozia (previously taepeach) for creating the poster for our drabble collection. Guys, please do check out her shop if you are looking for beautiful posters or click on the banner below to be redirected :D 



Credits to Rawe and Jamie for being so annoyingly motivational. Love you guys lots. 

Rawe's drabble: With Less, Happiness is Found in Galore

Jamie's drabble: In Time, Your Heart Will Sing for an Encore




I am just curious... If there is a chance that there might be one of the drabbles to be turned into a full length fic... what do you guys wish it would be? It is fine if there is none too... sometimes we like to leave things up to our imagination as well xD
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