Would you be interested to get a copy of Scarlet Dandelions if an official ebook was published with OCs that are similar to the current fanfiction?

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Personal Message

Fictions Written/ Co-Written (Title / Characters / Genre / Length / Status)

1. Moon: Winter Hearths Drabble Project / Irene, Wendy / Romance, Angst / Drabbles/ Completed

2. Scarlet Dandelions / Wendy, Irene / Romance, Historicalau, Action / Series / Ongoing

3. Drawn to You / Irene, Wendy / Romance, Idolau, Tabloidau / Multi-Shots / Completed

4. A Whole New World / Irene, Wendy / Romance, Travelau / Multi-Shots / Completed

5. A Thousand Miles / Irene, Wendy / Romance, Adventure / Series / Ongoing

6. Bruised Heart / Irene, Wendy / Romance, Fluff / One-Shot / Completed

7. Forever and Always / Wendy, Irene / Romance, Fluff / One-Shot / Completed

8. Counting Stars / Wendy, Irene / Romance, Traineeau / One-Shot / Completed

9. Still You / Seulgi, Irene / Romance, Traineeau / One-Shot / Completed

10. Day or Night / Wendy, Irene / Romance, Universityau, Light Angst / Series / Completed

11. Crimson Pride / Seulgi, Irene, Kai, Wendy, Chanyeol, Sehun / Romance, Historicalau, Action / Series / Completed

12. Red / Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri / Romance, Fantasy, Action / Series / Hiatus

13. Happy Ending / Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri / Romance, Christmas Fic / Multi-shots / Completed

14. The Devil's Deal / Sehun, Irene / Romance, Angst / Multi-shots / Completed

15. Victoria Falls / Taeyeon, Tiffany / Romance, Themed (Seven Natural Wonders) / Series / Completed

16. My Heart: One True Love / Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin / Romance, Angst / Shots / Completed

17. Love & Betrayal / Hyomin, Sunny, Jessica / Post-Apocalyptic, Action / Series / Completed

18. Dominion of Love / Hyomin, Jiyeon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny / Post-Apocalyptic, Action / Series / Completed

About Me

Hi, this is the 26 year old speaking, you can call me moon or whatever you like, just leave out the white please cause I am definitely not white in real life. I have been supporting kpop since a while ago and have started writing fanfictions since I was in my teenage years (I know, I know it is still not good but I will continue to improve).

Since I have been into kpop for a while now, the kpop groups that I have supported only becomes more, not less. In General, I support SMTown

From the 2nd generation, as you can probably tell... my favourites are T-ara, SNSD, and BigBang (of course in order of preference hahaha). T-ara, especially Hyomin, will always have a special place in my heart.

For the 3rd generation, as you can also tell, it would be Red Velvet, Exo, and BlackPink (also in order of preference). My ultimate bias right now is none other than Irene Bae and Wendy Son. 

OTP-wise... it would be Wenrene, Wenjoy, Joyrene, Seulrene, Jensoo and Taeny

Aside from my Kpop life, I am just a normal working adult who loves to game, read (pretty much all genres), game (currently addicted to Mobile Legends), and write (trying out all kinds of genres too)... my ultimate favourite acitivity however, is none other than sleeping. Basically... just things that can be completed from home.


A little about the writing style of the 26 year old. Her story is rarely full-fluff and that is because she likes to think of herself as a rather serious person, then again, if you come across fluffy moments it is because serious people can have fun at times too. Writing things which are popular amongst readers is of course important but at the same time, if it is only popular and lacks depth then... the 26 year old thinks that there is no point in writing merely to please readers. Writers connect with the right readers and because the 26 year old would like to believe that a piece of writing reflects the thoughts of a writer. She can take it that she is unable to please everyone (perhaps even bore them at times too) but as long as she enjoys writing and as long as there are still readers who can connect with her, she will write. :)

Hope you guys will like the stories that is written by her and pardon her if her writing style has changed over the years.

Fun Fact: I am weak for graphics... that means I really appreciate pretty poster designs and book covers. So... If you guys think that the graphic covers designed by my friends are really pretty. They really are ><