Divine: A Collection

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They had only themselves as this world they lived in feared and shunned them but it did not matter as long as they had one another. They were divine. 

~ Winter Hearth Project ~





Hihi All, MoonWhite here trying out something new out along with my fellow Hearths aka Rawe (Wenderpul) and maybe Jamie (ChaseTheSun) :) Our theme is superheroes au. And... Nope, this is not a collaboration. Nope, it would not be updated regularly. Nope, the style of this story might not be applying to other Hearths. The only common theme we all have for this project is Superheroes and Wenrene :) 

Warning: Stories are not uploaded in chronological order. Suggestions about scenes which you guys are interested in are highly recommended (meaning... if you guys are interested in what happened to any of the characters during a particular time or if you guys have suggestions about what could have happened, you can voice it out too)

Funfact: The first part of this collection is meant to be part of my drabble collection but it felt out of place in terms of theme and length. <--- yes length matters :D So... after some discussions with the Hearths, we thought we could have a superhero-themed writing project since we all have superheroes au which could be more similar than we thought it would be <--- so yeap... if you guys should find out stories similar, that is because we share one braincell. Just kidding. Great minds think alike. Just kidding x2 

So... with this... looking forward to greet you guys with other stories once again. 


Credits: To my fellow Hearths, Rawe and Jamie. Always to them. Even if I forget to credit them someday, please help me remember. :D

Poster Credits: Thank you Asphyxy from Beauty Lies Within for creating the poster for our drabble collection. Guys, please do check out their shop if you are looking for beautiful posters (click on the banner below to be redirected) :D 


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