Happy Ending

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Wendy never knew that she would fall so hard for a girl until she met the author of her dreams and that is Irene Bae.

Irene is a popular but mysterious novelist who never gives her main characters a happy ending. Wendy is her loyal reader but is upset time and again that her favourite characters do not get a happy ending.

Encouraged by her friends, Wendy decides to locate this mysterious author and was surprised to find her so young and what more... a female! Nonetheless, the loyal reader gives the author a piece of her mind. Their relationship blossomed due to a connected past and an unforeseen snowstorm. Read on to find out how Wendy would confront Irene and how the mysterious writer would react to her loyal reader.

"I never wrote another happy ending again because it was only meant for her to read."

“I believe this to be the start of something new and better for you.”


Part One: A Sad Ending, Again

Part Two: Joohyun, The Author

Part Three: So Similar, Yet So Different

Part Four: A Long, Sleepless Night

Part Five: Merry Christmas

Epilogue: Happy Ending


Hi Guys, this is my first ever Christmas fic ft. Wenrene. 

I will start posting the chapters from 15th December onwards and 1 chapter every 2 days until Christmas. 

By the way, this fic will by no means affect the progress of my other ongoing fiction, Red.

As usual, this fiction is conceived from my mind, any similarities to this fiction is highly regrettable but I would appreciate it if you guys could inform me about it. Thanks :) 

Last but not least, hope you guys will like this WenRene fic! :) (P/S I haven't written pure romance in a while, pardon me if I at it) 

 Credits to ryhanna from We Got Fired for the lovely/cute poster 


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Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for helping my first ever Wenrene fic reach 100 upvotes. I mean... upvotes is not everything but I am grateful that people are showing appreciation in every little possible way :) Hope y'all will continue to find joy in reading more and other Wenrene fics :D
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