Drawn to You

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Famous korean pop idol, Irene, had clicked into yet another link and a sigh escaped from her lips. Despite telling herself she should not be bothered by malicious and critical articles about her, she could not help but feel a bit more queasy about this particular one.

“If only human beings could take the time to see beyond superficialities, the world could be a kinder and brighter place.”


Day 0 - Day 1

Day 2 - Day 3

Day 4 - Day 5

Day 6 - Day 7


Hi guys, another christmas-y short series since it is THAT time of the year. A little about this story is that parts of this story is inspired by an amalgamation of several real life events. Also, this story has been in my drafts for the past four years so... glad that it is finally seeing the light hahahaha. Will give more explanations as the chapters are being posted up.

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