Chapter 4

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“You can just rest for today, Yeojin.” Haseul says as she worriedly watches her younger sister prepare for school, “I’m sure it’s okay. You can just ask Chaewon or Heejin to tell your professors.”

But Yeojin shakes her head, “I can’t miss school today, Seul.” She grabbed her hoodie from her coat stand and wore it, “I have an exam in one of my majors.”

“But I can talk to them, you know.”

Yeojin turned around to face her worried sister, “No, and besides I’m okay. It’s just a fever, Haseul.” She smiled as she picked up her bag from her bed.

“Can I at least drop you off?”

“Which car are you going to use then?” Yeojin asked, quite conscious on whatever her sister would say, “I certainly don’t like attention, Haseul.”

Haseul let out a defeated sigh, knowing too well that they will certainly attract unwanted attention once they used the only available car she has, “Alright, I’ll ask Vivi to pick you up here.”

“When are you going back to uni, anyways?” Yeojin questions as they started going downstairs, “I mean, sure you won’t have a hard time keeping up but I miss going to school with you.”

Haseul chuckled at her pouting sister as she sends a message to her best friend, “I’ll be back next week, don’t worry. I’m just closing a deal and then I’m done.” She turn to face her younger sister, “Vivi will be here in five minutes. Are you really sure you’ll be okay?”

Yeojin nodded, “As if this is my first time having a fever.” She playfully rolled her eyes at her concerned sister.

Haseul really worries a lot as usual especially if it’s about her one and only sister, Im Yeojin, who she really treasures. Maybe because Yeojin is the only sibling she has and the bond they have even though they are just half-sisters is exceptional.

A beep from outside halted Haseul’s lecture on Yeojin about what to do if she couldn’t handle her fever and just everything a very anxious sister would tell to her sick sister.

“That’s Vivi, finally.” Yeojin grinned at her sister as she walks towards their door, “I’ll see you later, Seul!”

Haseul couldn’t help but release a breathe of distress as she watches her sister closing their apartment’s door.

She’s really a grown up now.

She remembers when her Mom decided to remarry and that marriage gave them their precious Yeojin. The young Yeojin would always─ always, cry at her even at the smallest wound. Haseul would always comfort the younger every time Yeojin would have a fever or just anything in general that would make the little one cry.

And now, seeing her younger sister go to university even when she’s sick makes Haseul realize that the young Yeojin is no longer a child.

But Yeojin would always be her younger sister.


“Oh you look awful, Jin.”

It was a good morning, then her best friend namely Chaewon decided to ruin her morning by stating the damn obvious. Maybe she should’ve listen to Haseul and just stay at home because as soon as they got into their school her head started pounding mercilessly. Or maybe because of how Vivi drove earlier.

“Are you okay though?” Heejin asked as they stroll the busy hallway of their university, “You look like you’ll drop any minute now.”

Yeojin sighed, “I am, don’t worry.”

The two decided to accompany her until her designated room for the morning. They couldn’t possibly leave their sick best friend alone, anyway.

When they reached the room, they decided to stay with Yeojin as they wait for the professor to enter.

“Hey, Yeojin?”

Chaewon and Heejin turned around from their standing position to face the person calling out their best friend, “Oh, Yerim.” Chaewon greeted.

“Hi, Chaewon,” Yerim smiles and then face the stranger, “And you are?”

Heejin grinned, “Oh yeah, we weren’t introduced properly when you invited my best friend for dinner a week ago.” She reached out a hand, “Jeon Heejin, Yeojin’s best friend.”

“Oh hi, I’m Choi Yerim.” She took

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