Chapter 5

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“Are you sure you’re okay now?” Yerim asked as they walked the quiet street of their neighbourhood, “We don’t have to walk though. Do you want me to call a cab?”

Yeojin giggled at the other girl, “Yerim, it’s literally a week ago since I got sick.”

The concern girl pouted as she put her left arm around the smaller woman, “I know, but I’m just worried. You almost collapsed that day.” Yerim frown at the memory of Yeojin breathing heavily on Chaewon’s arms, “I really want to bring you to the hospital though but Heejin told me not to.”

“It’s just a fever, Yerim!” Yeojin laughed as she pressed herself closer to the taller’s side, “And besides I’m okay now. See? I’m even gonna have a sleepover at your place.”

“You’re right.” Yerim mumbled softly, “And oh, I’m gonna say sorry in advance because I think Hyejoo’s trashing our place now.”

The other woman laughed already imagining Hyejoo playing on the living room of her shared apartment with Yerim, “I can already imagine her cursing though.” Yeojin giggled as they start to enter the lobby of Yerim’s apartment building.

If she’s being honest, Yeojin feels really nervous at the moment of spending her night at her new friends’ place especially when she only has two friends all her life. She’s just really glad in a way that Haseul allowed her after literally begging.

“Oh you guys are here.” A sight of Hyejoo munching on a bowl of popcorn welcomes them, “I didn’t know what food you want so I just bought chicken.”

The newly arrived two removes their shoes and approached the girl on the couch, “Did you eat already?”

Hyejoo nodded before stuffing a few pieces of popcorn on , eyes not leaving the TV screen. Yeojin shifted her eyes to see what the girl is watching and saw some zombie movie playing on the screen.

Vivi loves zombie too.

“Alright, let’s go, Yeojin.” Yerim says as she pats her best friend’s head, “Or do you want to change clothes first?”

Yeojin looked up, “Can I?”

The taller smiles and urges her towards the door on the left, “Yeah, this is my room and feel free to use the bathroom. It’s the door on the right.” Yerim opens the door for her and let her come in, “I’ll use Hyejoo’s, so take your time.” Yerim added before closing the door as she left.

Yeojin looked around the room. It is full of lavender colored stuff and a few stuffed toys. It was exactly how she imagines Yerim’s room would be— bright and yet calm. It feels cozy with a bed enough for two persons, a study table on the side and a space on the floor just enough to lay down with a couple of small bean bags.

She sighed as she dropped her sleepover bag on the floor beside Yerim’s bed before grabbing some comfortable clothes.  It didn’t take her too long to finish washing up and changing clothes.

When she got out of the room she saw Yerim seated beside Hyejoo, both busy on their own things with Hyejoo still watching the movie and Yerim scrolling on her phone.

She stealthily approachedYerim startling the latter, “Oh god, you should’ve make some noise!” Yerim clutched her chest in shock, “Gosh, you’ll be my death, Yeojin.”

Seeing the shock on her friend’s face Yeojin

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