Chapter 6

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Yeojin has been waiting for her sister for fifteen minutes now as they would go to their university together. She didn’t got the chance to go to her sister the past few days because their schedules doesn’t match but now, with a few changes in Haseul’s schedule they could finally go together.

“Hey, I’m ready.” Haseul spoke as she descends their stairs.

Yeojin stood up from her seat on their couch and grabbed her bag, “Are we going with Vivi and Chaewon or?” She asked as they both walked out of their apartment.

Haseul shakes her head, “No, we’re going to use my car.”

“Haseul, that would gain unwanted attention.” Yeojin started to whine knowing too well that something on Haseul’s car would certainly earn attention and God knows how much Yeojin hates that.

The older grinned at her sister, “I got a new one, don’t worry.” She says as she presses a button on her car key unlocking a white sedan in front of their porch.

“Still white but better.” Yeojin grinned at her sister, “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late on the only class I share with Yerim.”

Haseul couldn’t help but raised an eyebrow at that but didn’t say anything. She notices it though, the smiles of her sister that seems to be a lot brighter when Yerim entered Yeojin’s life, those eye smile that looks genuine now, and just basically Yeojin. Yeojin starts to enjoy her life now.

She could only hope for it to last long, not wanting to make her younger sister sad. She doesn’t want to see Yeojin be the past kid she grew up with─ full of inhibitions and doubt. The Yeojin she sees today act a lot more her age, not the one who was forced to act mature. Yeojin acts more like her little sister and she hopes it stays that way.

“Seul, what time is your lunch?”

Haseul smiles as they drove off, “12:30, why?” She glances at her sister before focusing back on the road.

Yeojin hummed, “Wanna have lunch with us? I’ll introduce you to Yerim and her friends.” The younger one beamed, “You can bring Vivi if you want.”

“You already met her friends?”

“I mentioned Hyejoo to you once, right?” Haseul nodded, remembering her sister introducing someone calm and quiet, quite opposite of the bright girl Yerim, “And just a few days ago, I met the others during the org meeting.”

Haseul nodded, “You sure they’ll be okay to meet me?” She asked.

Yeojin chuckled at her sister, “Of course! And I think some of them are seniors too.”

“Alright, just message me where to meet you.”

After agreeing to just meet up during their lunch time, both of them stepped down of the car ignoring the curious stares coming from a few students lounging in the parking area of their university. In the past weeks that Yeojin has attended the university she quietly made a name for herself after her first day where she embarrassed the most strict professor during her class.

“I’ll see you later, Seul!” Yeojin waved goodbye to her sister as they stopped right in front of her classroom which the older girl returned instantly.

When Haseul turned in the corner Yeojin entered their room with just a few of her classmates in. Yeojin sighed quietly to herself as she took her seat before fishing out her phone from her pocket to type a message for Yerim.

I’m just buying gummies at the caf :>

Yeojin couldn’t help but let out a small smile upon seeing the reply of the other girl. Yerim and her love for sweets are really exceptional. Even if they just knew each other recently, Yeojin knows how much the other girl loves sweets witnessing that certain event where Yerim bought a huge five packs of gummies and it didn’t even last a day.

She waited for another five minutes for the girl to arrive with a pack of gummy in her hand and another just under her armpit.

Yerim smiled at her a piece of gummy bear between her lips, “Hey, good morning, Yeojin.” She says as she plopped herself down just beside the smaller girl, “Want some?”

“No, thank you.” Yeojin politely declines with a small shake of her head, “Is that your breakfast?” She raised an eyebrow remembering how early it is to eat such.

A nod was given to her making her frown, “Well, yeah.” Yerim quietly mumbled, “I fell asleep on the bus on my way here, so I couldn’t stop by at the café.”

Yeojin frowned, “Then, why not buy at the caf?”

“Breakfast meal is not yet ready and I can’t be late in this class again, you know that.” Yerim pouted before taking another piece of her gummy bear, “I’ll just eat something heavy later at lunch.”

With a shake of her head, Yeojin grabbed something from her bag before reaching it out to the girl beside her, “Eat this instead of that.” She says, “I don’t want you whining later because of hunger.”

Yerim looked at her before looking at the food on her grasp then back at her, “Is that your breakfast?”

“I already had my breakfast, don’t worry.” Yeojin smiles, “I was supposed to eat on my way but I forgot, so here.” She added, gesturing for the other girl to take her offered food.

“Are you sure?”

Yeojin laughed at the shy girl beside her, “What? Don’t tell me you’re feeling all shy now?” Yerim nodded at her making her laugh harder, “Just eat this, you big baby. C’mon, before the old man comes here.”

Yerim hugged the smaller girl tight before taking the offered food, “Are you really sure about me eating this? I mean, we can share.” Yerim asked right after she took a bite of the offered sandwich.

Seeing that, Yeojin chuckled, “I’m okay and besides seems like you need that more than I do.” She says as she picked up the open pack of gummies from the other woman’s table before tucking it in her bag.

“I skipped dinner last night so, I’m kind of hungry.”

That made Yeojin frown, “Why?”

The hungry lass shrugged, “School works.” She answered, her forehead creasing, “And before you scold me I have a valid reason, alright?”

Yeojin raised an eyebrow, “And that is?”

“I helped my parents with our business, and kind of forgot my pending deadlines.”

But before Yeojin could say anything, their annoying professor entered their classroom. She shakes her head at the other girl before looking at the professor who immediately started discussing, not that Yeojin minded though.


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