Chapter 8

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Haseul stopped talking to Jungeun and faced her whining sister beside her. She frowned when she noticed Yeojin’s face getting pale and cold sweats forming on her forehead.

She cupped her sister’s face, “What’s wrong?” She asked, worry washing over her.

Yeojin pouted at her older sister, “Period cramps.”

“You got pads?” Jungeun asked after hearing the exchange between the siblings, “I have an extra if you want.”

Seeing Jungeun being concern to her sister, Haseul couldn’t help but smile. Jungeun is a really good person and that is something she’s sure after getting to know the girl for the past months of them being friends.

And she wouldn’t even deny that she’s developing some sort of feelings for the woman.

“Yeah, thank you though.” Yeojin smiles before snuggling closer to her sister’s shoulder, “Do you still have another class after this break?”

“Yeah,” Haseul nodded as she her younger sister’s hair, “But I can just skip it and bring you home.”

Yeojin immediately shakes her head, “Don’t. I can just wait for you in the library or in the student’s lounge.” She says and saw her sister exchanging glances with Jungeun as if they are talking using their eyes, “Why? You guys got something to do?”

Haseul looked down on her sister and smiled sheepishly, “We’re actually planning to work with our project later.”

“No, it’s okay, Seul.” Jungeun mumbles gently, “We can just do it tomorrow. I think Yeojin really needs her rest.”

The youngest of the three watch how her sister’s eyes changes in a matter of seconds. She can definitely see the disappointment behind Haseul’s eyes, so who is she to stop her sister, who she really loves, to stop having a love life, right?

So even when her loin hurts like hell she grinned at her sister, “You can just drop me off at home and continue whatever plan you two have.”

“But you’re alone at home.”

“I can stay with her, Haseul!”

The three of them turned around and was greeted with a blinding smile of Choi Yerim. She’s been standing behind the three for a couple of minutes already and heard the conversation.

Yerim beamed at the three before sitting in front of them, “I have no classes after this, so I can stay with you if you want.” She says grinning at the girls, orbs directed at Yeojin.

Haseul looked at her sister, eyes teasing, “What do you think, Jin?” Haseul asked, patting her sister’s back, “At least I’m sure you’re with someone.”

Yeojin looked at her older sister then to Yerim, “I don’t want to bother you though,” She mumbled, “Besides I think after some sleep I’ll be fine.”

She would definitely lie if she says she doesn’t want Yerim’s company but she’s too embarrassed to ask the girl to stay with her just because of some menstrual cramps. And she would also be lying if she says that she doesn’t feel like dying as of the moment because of the pain.

And well, Yerim’s looking at her like that.

She can’t comprehend what that is but it’s not something she saw in everyone’s eyes.

“Just go with her, Yeojin.” She heard Haseul speaking, “Can you drive, Yerim?”

Yeojin watched the other girl nodding before she saw her sister reaching out her car key. She turns to face her sister baffled.

“Wait, what are you going to use then?” Yeojin asked her sister.

“I have my car with me, Yeojin.” Jungeun answered for Haseul, “I’ll bring her home, don’t worry.”

“You should go now.” Haseul grins at her sister before turning to Yerim who’s now busy playing with the car key, “Yerimmie, take care of her, okay? Just give her warm milk before letting her drink some pain killers.”

Yerim nodded, “Sure. I got her, don’t worry.” She says before standing up from her seat to help Yeojin up.

Yeojin groaned silently the moment she left Haseul’s warmth, “Bye, Seulie.” She bent down to kiss her sister’s cheeks, “I love you. Take care.”

“I love you too, bub.” Haseul softly patted her sister’s cheeks before she let the two leave. Her eyes never leaving her sister’s figure as she watches the two walk, with Yerim’s arm around Yeojin’s shoulder, out of the cafeteria.


On the other hand, Yerim is worriedly looking at the shorter woman beside her. They are already on their way to Yeojin’s place and the latter has been turning paler each minute that passed.

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