Chapter 3

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Yeojin rolled her eyes when Heejin shouted for their university volleyball team. They are currently watching the practice game of their university volleyball team against the neighboring school. She’s not even a fan of sports but her two best friends decided to drag her after learning that she’s free the whole afternoon.

“Hey, isn’t that Yerim?” Chaewon tapped her shoulder and pointed at somewhere in the side court. She followed where her friend is pointing and saw her newly found friend stretching with another player, “Oh so she plays.”

Yeojin observes the way Yerim moves, her long arms stretching above her head and Yeojin couldn’t help but think how great Yerim looks wearing that jersey.

“You know her?” Heejin looked at them, eyes questioning.

The smallest of the three nodded, “Yeah, she’s my classmate in one of my subjects.”

Heejin raised an eyebrow at her, “And you made friends?”

Chaewon chuckled, “Yeah, she did. Isn’t that great?” She teased, side-eyeing her best friend of 14 years.

Yeojin shakes her head ignoring the teasing of her best friends and just put her focus on the game that is happening in front of them. She doesn’t understand how this game works but seeing the score on the scoreboard, their university is winning.

As the game progress, Yeojin couldn’t help but give her sole attention to a certain brown haired girl. Yerim does play really well inside the court and she jumps high. Something Yeojin isn’t sure if she can.

“That girl is good!” Heejin squealed before slapping the living out of Chaewon, “And she’s pretty!”

“Ah! You’re so gay!” Chaewon grumbled while dodging the continuous attacks of the other woman, “Stop hitting me, Jeon Heejin!”

Not minding the chaotic duo beside her, Yeojin continue watching her new friend, if she can call her that, play inside the court grinning at every successful attack.

She’s really pretty.

“Who? Yerim?” Chaewon nudged her shoulder and smirked, “Well, yeah she is.”

Yeojin felt her face flushing red─ did I just say that out loud?

She ignores the annoying smug face of her friends. She really hates it when these two would team up and start teasing her. She loves them, yes, but sometimes, she would just rather locked herself up and hide away from her best friends.

“So you have a crush on her.” Heejin nodded to herself, as if she solved a mystery case, “Well, she does looks pretty but is she a good person?”

Yeojin frowned, “What the hell are you saying?” She asked confused on the sudden question of the taller.

Heejin jumped on her seat before turning to face Yeojin, “I mean, if you two would be a couple, I need to make sure you’ll end up with someone good! And is the best for you!” She says, grinning widely.

“Who says I like her?”

Heejin raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you have a crush on her?”

“I don’t!” Yeojin’s forehead creases. She really doesn’t know how she got to be friends with someone as weird as Jeon Heejin, “Oh god, stop whatever you’re thinking.” She warned when she saw her best friend‘s thinking face. It’s always up to no good anyway.

Chaewon couldn’t help but chuckle at the exchange between her best friends. She’s sitting in the middle of the two, so she can see the changes in the demeanors of the two. And seeing the deepening frown on the shortest she decided to step in.

“Stop it, Hee.” She says, successfully stopping whatever Heejin was about to say, “We don’t want a raging frog here.”

Yeojin glared at her two best friends before going back to watch the game. They are still ahead of the other team and an advantage of two sets, so one more and they are going to win this practice game.

And just like they predicted, they won with a successful attack from Yerim. Every player shook hands under the net and bowed before each of the team makes their way towards their own locker rooms.

“Let’s go.” Yeojin grabbed her things and stood up, ready to leave the huge gymnasium when a hand stopped her from making a step.

She turned around expecting to see Heejin or Chaewon but what she didn’t expect is to see a gasping Yerim behind her, “Wait, let me catch my breath.” Y

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