Chapter 2

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“How was it?”

Yeojin dropped her bag on the couch before answering her sister, “Much better than I thought.” She looked up and met the brown orbs of her curious sister, “Chaewon’s there, so it’s a lot better.”


“Yeah, Vivi might’ve told her.” Yeojin answered as she make her way towards their kitchen, “I’m not even gonna get shock if Heejin would be there the next day.”

Haseul laughed at her sister’s words, “Well, you know those girls.” She carefully looked at her sister, “You made friends?”

Yeojin stopped from opening their fridge, suddenly remembering the huge grin of Yerim all throughout the day and the way Hyejoo shakes her head. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought of her new friends.

“Yeah, I think I did.”

Seeing the small smile appearing on her younger sister’s lips, Haseul couldn’t help but be proud. She saw how Yeojin grew up as a strong, independent woman but even with those traits, she saw the loneliness in the younger’s eyes. Maybe because of the way they are living or the way their parents treat them.

Haseul isn’t sure, but when she saw the smile on Yeojin’s face a few moments ago, she thought that maybe, their deal wasn’t just some sick joke. If it could make her sister happy, she wouldn’t regret having that deal with her.

“Anyway, what are we having for dinner?”

Haseul looked at her sister who’s now looking at her, “What do you want?” She asked.

Yeojin looked at her sister and grinned, “Pizza!”

The older of the two couldn’t stop herself from giggling. Yeojin seems to be really happy today and she could definitely see that.

After ordering their dinner, Yeojin decided to wash up and maybe start a bit of her school works when she remembered the small piece of paper Yerim gave her before they went their separate ways after having their lunch together.

She grabbed her bag from her bed and open its front pocket and what she found made her creased her forehead before chuckling, “Woah, she’s funny.” She shakes her head before pinning the paper on her corkboard.


Hi, if you need a friend during lunch feel free to contact me! +010 1234 5678


“Tell me about these friends you made today.” Haseul says, glancing at her sister as they open the box of pizza between them.

Yeojin grabbed a slice before chuckling, “She’s weird and funny,” She took a bite and swallow, “She’s a classmate from one of my classes. Chaewon met her too.”

Haseul raised an eyebrow, “Weird and funny, huh?”

The younger of the two nodded, “She is. During the class I got called by the professor to answer a question and she gave me a crumbled paper that says I should just say sorry if I don’t know the answer and she looks really concern though,” Yeojin chuckled, “Then we spent our lunch together with her friend and Chaewon.”

Haseul couldn’t help but frown at the story, “She is weird.”

“But she’s funny and she’s too bright.” Yeojin grinned remembering the blinding smile of a certain Yerim, “A total opposite of her best friend.”


Yeojin took a huge bite on her slice, “Hyejoo is her name if I remembered correctly,” She ignored the glare of Haseul because of talking with full, “Hyejoo’s quiet, yeah, and calm but she seems nice.”

“I’m glad you’re making friends but­─”

“─I know and I won’t forget that.”

Haseul watched her sister carefully. They maybe half-sisters but Yeojin is the only sibling she has and the most important person to her and seeing the gloom hovering to her sister makes her feel bad.

So, Haseul patted her sister’s head, the usual one she would do if she wants to praise the younger, “Enjoy things now, make friends, and do everything you want now.” Yeojin looked at her sister, “You still have a lot of time to enjoy things, Jin.”

Yeojin smiled gratefully at her older sister before lunging forward to hug Haseul, “Thank you.” She felt Haseul hugging her bac

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