A to the Z! Ateez imagines(Requests open)

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Just a compilation of Ateez scenarios/imagines for Atiny and any one who wants to dive into this Wonderland!
Warning: Might contain poly-amory ,, little space, sub/dom relationship a lots of Fluff!
Note: You can also request specific scenarios e.g ambw


Bring on the requests!


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MelodyYingLim #1
Chapter 9: Awww thank you! This is lovely and i smiled so hard the whole time qwq
MelodyYingLim #2
Chapter 2: - Theme: fluff, thoughtful boyfriend
- y/n
- San <3

Thank you!!
BriannaG-2020 #3
Chapter 7: Awww, lovely and cute indeed. Please continue on when you can~