How to Know a Tsundere Loves You: A-Z

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No one believes that the cold Tsundere Bae Irene is in love with her wife, even Irene herself. Bae Wendy, however, has 26 reasons that prove otherwise, starting with A and ending in Z.


"Huh?" Wendy asked in bewilderment, her eyes wild with confusion at what Joy, one of her wife's best friends, just said.


"It's okay, Wendy. We know that it must be hard watching your wife be jealous over someone else." Joy said, pity laced in her every word. 

"B-but-" Wendy started, trying to understand why in the world they'd think Irene was jealous when she finally caught sight of her wife, deathly glare focused on Seulgi's new boyfriend. The poor man, bless his heart, was too busy fawning over Seulgi to notice her best friend's murderous look. 

Wendy sighed as she shook her head and turned her attention back towards the two women in front of her. 

"She's not jealous." She said simply, her face blank but her eyes serious enough to warn the two to shut down the conversation. But of course, they were the spawns of Satan in flesh, and Joy and Yeri just scoffed and put on those looks of pity once again. The same looks that Wendy has been receiving for the past year, ever since her and Irene announced their enagnemnt and then got married almost six months ago.


 Wendy made a mental note in her head to plan something to celebrate the event, after all, it was six months of safety and comfortness with the older, and she had to reward Irene for making an effort to act like a newlywed despite the fact that it wasn't a love match, or at least not from Irene's side. 

"Maybe she's blind, and that's how she even ended up marrying Irene unnie." Yeri suggested to Joy, who hummed as she nodded along. Wendy once again shook her head at them, this marking the 57th reason they've thought of of why Wendy would marry the cold Tsundere Bae Irene when the older didn't even love her. 

But Wendy wondered if maybe everyone around her was blind, because how was she the only one that noticed how much the older cared for her? She could literally list as many reasons as the alphabet letters. 

"You know what? Kids I think it's time to tell you something." Wendy said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. "Come now and sit down. You've listed many reasons why you think she doens't love me. Now it's my turn to tell you my reasons of why I think she does love, or at least care, for me."

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