Chapter 5

Jennie's Baby
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The two women got startled when the door suddenly swung open. Lisa already expected it to be Jennie just by looking at the small form standing at the door.

"Don't you know how to knock? We're in the middle of a meeting!" she stood up.

"Are you kidding me? Stop playing games with me, Lisa!" Jennie retorted.

Her nanny went to stand infront of her and looked up. The small woman didn't even feel intimidated with her height.

"You better watch you words, Miss Kim. You wouldn't want to know what I do to women who has a sharp tongue."

"And I should feel scared, is that what you want?" Jennie laugh sarcastically. This woman's courage surprise her actually. She did not even falter. "Really, Lisa! Now I believe your grandmother's words. You are worst than an extortionist!"


She heard Jisoo clearing . Maybe she can already sense their upcoming imminent clash. And her friend is not wrong since her palm started to feel itchy to teach this long legged woman a lesson.

"You know why I'm here, Lalisa Manoban! Whether you like it or not, I will do my job and I don't care if I have to stand outside your office the whole time! If you think you can get rid of me easily by telling your employees to torment me, then that's where you're wrong. I won't resign! Only your grandmother can make me leave you alone. Now, if you can't take it anymore, talk to her!"

Lisa didn't know what possessed her. Because instead of inflaming her anger it suddenly vanished into thin air. She couldn't even noticed Jennie pointing finger at her face. She doesn't even care how she keeps on ranting. It's more pleasing to see the anger sparks in her cat's like eyes, even her cheeks puffed and flushing red, the way opens and closed, and how her chest rise and fall.

"Do you think, I like this job? Yah, you miss-know-it-all! To tell you the truth, if I had a choice, I would never ever accept this job even if your grandmother gives me a billion won! I'd rather take care of a mentally impaired four year old instead of a stupid and heartless person like you! You insensitive brute!"

Lisa was still staring at her in dazed.

"Cat got your tongue? Why aren't you saying anything?!" she heard the challenging tone in her voice. That's when she woke up from her momentary trance.

"Oh, so you have some courage in you, huh?" Lisa said with a half smile. 'It must be good to tame you.'

"You are the only one who likes to underestimate a person. Did you really think that you can manipulate everyone just because you have the money and power? Well, sorry to disappoint you, Miss, because I'm not like the ones you have fooled. You will never have me eating from your palm! Get it through your pea sized brain!"

Jennie's index finger almost pierced Lisa's chest since she had been pointing at it with anger. After that she turns and walked out of the room. Closing the door with a loud bang.

After she left, Lisa and Jisoo stared at each other. Neither could even utter a word.


Jennie left Lisa's room still raging mad. Ten pairs of eyes looked at her direction. If she's in a different situation, she could've already prayed that the floor would swallow her alive because of embarrassment. But since the adrenaline was still rushing through her veins, she just simply straighten her top and with a head held high she left the people who are still staring at the door where she came out dumbfounded.

When she reached the lobby, Rosé meet her halfway.

"Miss Kim, are you okay? What happened? Why are you so red?" Rosé asked.

She looked at her for a while before saying, "Oh, my God!" Feeling weak, she sat on a wooden settee near her. "I argued with her! I had a fight!"


"I had a fight with Lisa."

She knew why Rosé was giving her a look. She's not showing any sign of fear with what she did. Instead, she look so happy like it was a big achievement that she fought with that woman. And she couldn't stop the laugh that came out of her which made Rosé look so lost.

"Omo. I'm so sorry, Rosé. I'm just really happy."

"You're happy because you had a fight with Sajangnim?"

"Yes! And would you believe that it's my first time fighting with someone?"

Rosé must've be thinking

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